Loving Home Made at Healthy Earth Farm

This is an very old traditional recipe passed down from generation to generation. The ingredients are fermented for months, then honey is added slightly warmed (not to loose nutrition) just to mix ingredients for a sweet and spicy taste. They say if you take a teaspoon twice a day, it will keep you from getting sick with a cold. It has so many great ingredients that are packed full of vitamins and minerals that will benefit your body to encourage great health and vitality. This is a fermented natural probiotic that is vital to enhance your body's health. Vera lovingly makes Cold Away in batches in her kitchen with her own organic garlic and wild apple vinegar mixed with one of the best honey in the world, Cuban Honey. Vera claims that she has not had a cold since she starting taking it over 2 years ago. Limited supply since we make Cold Away in small batches but may preorder or custom order by just contacting us. Enjoy and keep healthy!

Use: Best to take Cold Away on it's own by taking a teaspoon twice a day. Leave in your mouth a few seconds, then swallow. It is also delicious to use as a dressing for salads or foods.

Organic ingredients: apple cider vinegar; garlic; onions; horse radish; ginger; turmeric; hot peppers 

Not Intended to Diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.             



Healthy Earth ~ Nature’s Gift of Sunshine

These apricot seeds contain Vitamin B17, which is a key ingredient, according to

Dr. Griffin’s book and youtube video “A World Without Cancer”. 

These apricot seeds are unique because they come from a part of Persia that has grown apricot trees without the use of any chemicals for centuries. Since they are so ancient, they claim to be more potent in Vitamin B17. You can tell that these natural seeds are excellent quality, since they have different sizes and shapes, great flavour, and if you plant them, these seeds will grow.

Savour and enjoy this food to keep sunshine in your life!

CONSUMPTION: Soak overnight in pure water to activate the enzymes, which will allow for better digestion. Chew the whole seeds well, or grind the seeds for use in drinks or to sprinkle on food. It is good to drink lots of water, have some food in the stomach, and to eat dried or fresh fruits.

INGREDIENTS: Natural Raw Apricot Seeds, Air Dried, Preservative free and Non-irradiated.

FOR PREVENTION: Eat 5 -10 seed per day. STORE in the fridge or freezer.

Seeds are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Product of Persia, Packaged in Utopia, Ontario, L0M 1TO

WILD FOODS = Mother Nature’s Gifts of Natural Ultimate Organic Food!

Ethically harvested from our Healthy Earth Utopia Farm so you can be reassured  that it is clean, safe and healthy.                                     


As a medicinal edible, Garlic Mustard can give the same protections as actual garlic, with a milder taste. In any recipe calling for garlic, feel free to use it instead. Either steamed as a spring green, eaten raw in salads or used in prepared foods such as homemade mayo in sauce or as a basil substitute for a pesto, Garlic mustard is delicious.  All parts;  Flowers, leaves, roots and seeds of garlic mustard are extremely nutritious, containing Vitamins. A, Bs, C. The flower buds have protein, containing glycosides, sulphur, iron, which build and tone the body and increase immunity. Mustards, in general "Revive the spirits", "expels heaviness", "Clarify the blood and cure weak stomachs". This plant was historically used for colds, lethargy, poor circulation and heart disease.




Fiddleheads (ostrich fern) are a nutritious wild food found growing naturally in the forests.  Fiddleheads are anti-inflammatory and are high in vitamins A, C, potassium,  iron, niacin, riboflavin, magnesium, zinc and  is low in sodium. They are also one of the few green vegetables containing omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Traditional wisdom says that eating fiddleheads will help cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. Note: cook for 20 minutes - do not eat raw because can cause food poinsoning. Fiddleheads are only available for a short time in the spring and are collected from our forests at Healthy Earth Utopia Farm. Enjoy!