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Lucy’s Farm Zoo ~ Much Appreciated if you can donate money to help with the many rescue family animals expenses such as of food, vet bills, medicines, shelter, fences….

Healthy Earth Eco Projects ~ Help by donating money towards projects towards helping young people for a career in creating a sustainable green future to create a healthy earth. Projects such as growing organic produce, seeds, trees, greenhouse, barn, farm animals, fences, shelters, green energy…

VOLUNTEER – Karma Yoga – Selfless Giving to Enrich and Bless Your Life and Others while having Fun, Learning, Meeting New Friends and take home some Healthy Earth produce! Welcome and let’s talk:

Healthy Earth Volunteers to Giving Back to the Community 


                  Healthy Earth Volunteering to the community, bringing our family animals at Lucy’s Farm Zoo to nursing homes, health institutions, schools … We want to bring therapy and joy to people’s lives! We can bring a mini farm zoo to you or come for an outing at Lucy’s Farm Zoo. Contact us for a visit with our family animals at Lucy’s Farm Zoo.

E-Books ~ E-Books are free to download! – Much appreciated if you can donate money so we can continue to provide valuable ancient and new knowledge for everyone’s benefit towards creating a healthy earth. Passing on the Power of Knowledge!


E-Book – Bokashi Composting With Micro Heroes written by Vera Del Vecchio

E Book – Healthy Earth NATURE Farming handbook

E-Book EM Recipes