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HEALTHY EARTH ~  Mother Nature’s Solution


Healthy Earth is about creating harmony with Mother Nature for everyone’s benefit for people, animals, fish, land, and for the future of our children. Discover and learn about how to be self sustaining, farming, gardening, composting, water purification, and therapy through animals and nature towards creating a healthy earth!


Beneficial to Restore Health in Nature, Safe for Humans, Animals and Planet

Micro Heroes Mix (Bokashi) * Bokashi Bucket Composter                                Micro Heroes Probiotic 

Micro Heroes is a probiotic natural, multi use, healing solution to bring all living things on earth back to health. Use as probiotic for animals, food waste composting, organic soil fertilizers, odour control, water cleanup and revitalization, for improved and enhanced health for your home, pets, animals, industries, agriculture towards creating a healthy earth.


HEALTHY EARTH THERAPY!   Animal Therapy * Nature Therapy 


NOTICE UPDATE PANDEMIC- Airbnb Experience - Animal Therapy 

Fun Camp Animal Therapy and Goat Yoga Dancing Therapy 

We plan to open on July 16 if things keep on going better with the pandemic. Just in case we are not able to open, you can get a refund or make another date no worries. Everyone is welcome to bring and have a choice to wear masks and gloves if they concerned about safety. Please do not come if you are that worried. People have asked us if we can disinfect the animals….NO WE CAN”T! We do not provide gloves and masks. 

We are taking precautions to make sure that everyone is healthy and we will keep a distance, no more than 8 people (we are 2 and 10 total), and cleaning details. There is a washing sanitation station. Lucy’s Farm Zoo as a Healthy Earth Micro Heroes Probiotic to eat up bad bacteria for the animals, people and with smells. 

 are not sure about food around the animals if the authorities will allow? You need special precautions, supervision and petting regulations around small children at all times that YOU will be responsible for. NO PETS or SMOKING PLEASE. We are trusting each other please and will inform and not attend if not well. Crazy times - so let's try to be careful and safe and hope we can put this pandemic behind us soon. Stay healthy, keep in touch and looking forward to welcoming you soon. Thank you for your patience and care! Our family animals have been busy with many newborns this spring and miss playing with you! Vera and Lucy

Airbnb Experience See for details or contact us - Appointment Only Please

Fun Camp Animal Therapy  *  Goat Yoga Dancing  *  Wild Walk Therapy

Gal About Town - Lucy’s Farm Zoo Visit Utopia, Ontario 


Airbnb Home Rental – Wow Utopian Box Car Cottage

WE ARE OPEN! Notice Pandemic Update

Box Car Cottage; We started to accept guests as of June after being closed for 3 months because of the pandemic. We are taking precautions to make sure that everyone is healthy and we will keep a distance and cleaning details. So we are trusting each other please and will inform or not attend if not well. We are an older couple and are still concerned and carful since we would be more at risk. There have been some interesting questions;

Privacy: No this place is not your private retreat. John and I live here in the house next door. This is a farm and we have farmers and us working on our 62 acres and have friends or family visit. 

Spa: No it is not private just for you. Pool is NOT in the box car cottage (how could that be possible?) Everything is working great. The chemical free spa is attached to the house with a private back entrance (see pics and details) We will reserve a time for you from 9am-5pm exclusive to come and go or you may request other times if possible. This is to keep a distance and privacy for everyone. The pond is mostly yours to use and just let us know when you wish. 

Cleaning: we will do our best to clean surfaces and will leave a spray bottle Micro Heroes Probiotic  under the washroom sink if you wish to do more on your own as per your comfort. We do not use traditional chemical cleaners. Our Micro Heroes Probiotic eat up bad bacteria working naturally non toxic with mother nature. Our chemical free hot tub and pool is cleaned with this product and also composting. We are in the business of creating a healthy earth, please do your own research…see our web healthyearth ca If you do not feel comfortable with this cleaning way, then please do not come. We have been doing this successfully for 5 years at Healthy Earth Utopia Farm and Retreat and Lucy’s Farm Zoo as a probiotic for the animals, people and with smells. 

Composting and Recycle: Please do it and separate in pins provided

NO SMOKING;  no smoking with no exceptions.. you will be asked to leave without a refund and clean up fee 

NO Pets: We love animals but they are naturally curious; killers to wildlife; territorial; may be noisy and may be allergic to people. You would not like your pet to come across a porcupine!

Extra Guests; No extra guests overnight or day guests please - maximum 4 people please

Please check with airbnb for refund procedures, because we do not have control.

Keep Healthy and thanks for your patience and care!


Builder ~ Projects – Job Fair Creation, Support and Empowerment               for men and especially women towards a Healthy Earth in Farming, Green Building and Technology.

Yoga Sessions * Yoga Retreats * Retreats * Events * Workshops * Projects  Farming * Green Technology * Harvests and Opportunities


Healthy Earth started on 2009 from Vera’s concern, passion and determination to be part of the change for enhanced quality of all life for a cleaner, healthier planet. Vera brings some positive changes that work in a probiotic way with Mother Nature towards environmental damage.

Earth Utopia Farm and Retreat was founded in 2013. We are truly blessed with 62 beautiful acres with the Nottawasaga River running through the property, apple orchards, spring fed pond, artesian well and forests full of nature trails and animals. The house is a geothermal, passive solar home with old barn wood beams, indoor swimming pool, greenhouse, and a railway boxcar cottage.  Some of Vera’s gifts and interests include: a certified kundalini yoga teacher, life coach, writer, florist, environmentalist, mycologist and herbalist. Vera is happy living with her husband John at Healthy Earth Farm and Retreat. We are Toronto City folk turned into Country folk!



Lucy has partnered with Vera and Healthy Earth to create Lucy’s Farm Zoo in 2018. Lucy and her Husband Nelson has lived on their farm since 1990. Lucy and Nelson have such a gift with animals providing a loving and caring home for rescue and many animals. They want to share the love, passion and therapy to enhance the wonderful healing nature of animals into people’s lives!