Healthy Earth Nature Farming is Beneficial to Restore and Enhance Healthy Life in Humans, Plants, Animals and Planet.

Note: Our produce is grown with Nature Farming Methods using Micro Heroes for true organic methods that grows healthier, stronger, larger plants.

5 Principles of Healthy Earth Nature Farming:

1. Nature farming is simple to understand and can be practiced by anyone.

2. Nature farming is beneficial to the farmer, society, and protects the  environment.

3. Nature farming preserves and protects the soil for sustainable agriculture.

4. Nature farming preserves nature and the environment for future generations.

5. Nature farming is able to continuously increase production to meet the needs of an expanding population without disrupting or destroying nature.

HEALTHY EARTH OPPORTUNITY                                                                

Exchange: Wanna be a Ecological Farmer                                             

You provide passion, creativity, and labour to growing organic food; or caring for animals; or beekeeping…We provide the land, most tools, support and most seeds / products. We share the harvests and profits.

Volunteer Exchange: Please welcome if you would like to volunteer for some labour in exchange for some organic food, fresh country air and to learn some skills. 

Virus Pandemic Support from Healthy Earth: Lets practice safe distancing. If you are in need of food in these hard pandemic times, please let us help out and ask us for a donation of food. 


Please do ask what is in season. Right now we have Fiddleheads! Pick up at Healthy Earth Utopia Farm or Toronto or delivery extra contact Vera 



Fiddleheads (ostrich fern) are a nutritious wild food found growing naturally in the forests.  Fiddleheads are anti-inflammatory and are high in vitamins A, C, potassium,  iron, niacin, riboflavin, magnesium, zinc and  is low in sodium. They are also one of the few green vegetables containing omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Traditional wisdom says that eating fiddleheads will help cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. Note: cook for 20 minutes - do not eat raw. Fiddleheads are only available for a short time in the spring and are collected from our forests at Healthy Earth Utopia Farm. Enjoy! Gifts from Mother Nature



HEALTHY EARTH FARMERS - Please support our farmers

Sina Asgharar -Unity Farm Garden  647-982-0754

It all started with the understanding "you are what you eat." Sina’s adventure into farming has been one of self recovery through connection with nature. As his connection with nature has strengthened, his realization about the importance of food, and the way its grown has become vital. Moving forward it is his missions to connect people back with the food they consume, and most importantly nature.  647-982-0754

Sell Now: Micro Greens; Wild Green bouquets; Fiddleheads; Sprouts; Kombucha; Pesto; Kale; Cold Away; Cuban Honey....more to come

Market Garden - Saturdays 8am – 1pm – Sina will be at Village Market/Waldorf School – 9100 Bathurst St Thornhill


Devantae PearceGenesis Farm  647-643-7057

Welcome to my journey towards self-sustainability and food security. My goal is to cultivate an environment that promotes individuals to rely on themselves rather than a consumer dependant system. Follow me as I grow fruits and vegetables for market plus much more!

Selling Now; For spring; Trees / Shrubs / Ground Covers; Lilac; Berries; Periwinkle; Oregano; Wild Greens; Fiddleheads; Freeze Dried Apples and Produce... and more coming soon.