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Written By: Vera Del Vecchio

For “Prevention” of “Dis-Ease” using Yoga Walking

What is yoga walking?

Yoga Walking comes from an ancient technique from India. Yoga Walking uses the benefits of Kundalini Yoga’s technology (as taught by Yogi Bhajan of breath work, mantras (sounds), mundras (finger touching) and combines the physical benefits of walking. Anyone can easily learn and practice Yoga Walking.

Yoga Walking has the capacity of producing an overall wellness by changing the rhythms of your body on a cellular level by working with your heart rhythm, visual focus, muscle balance, brain activity patterns, and moods.

How can you benefit from Yoga Walking?

  • Provides enhanced energy and awareness
  • Nurtures positive moods, happiness and appreciation
  • Provides mental clarity with greater intuitive capacity
  • Creates a focused calm mind and enhanced learning & creativity
  • Nurtures connectedness with ourselves, nature & humanity
  • Diminished back pain & muscular discomfort
  • Relief from emotional fatigue and reduced hypertension
  • Improved immune system, circulation & digestion
  • Greater stamina, elevated energy, and creativity
  • Encourages weight loss and shown to lower blood pressure
  • Develops a strong heart (Studies show that it can cut heart risk by 50 %!)

What you will learn with Yoga Walking?

  • Get in touch and master your own body
  • Be your own psychologist cultivating a positive mind
  • Connect renewed life through your breath
  • Maintain & learn proper healthy posture confidently
  • Be your own healer for yourself and others

Life today can be overwhelming and challenging. Recharge, invigorate, and heal while you enjoy new friends, fresh outdoors and nature around you with Nature Yoga Walking!

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