Healthy Earth Utopia Farm and Retreat & Lucy’s Farm Zoo – Testimonials

“This truly was a utopian getaway. This is a rejuvenate retreat from a big city or busy lifestyle. John & Vera are both extremely warm and welcoming; we quickly felt at home. The whole experience was quite serendipitous and we got much more than we were expecting (we learned how to compost and ferment foods). Vera has a lot of wisdom to share and I urge anyone who is attracted to this place in anyway-with the intention to detox, de-stress, and relax in nature- to absolutely go for it. I was interested by but slightly skeptical of the chemical free indoor pool as I didn’t know what to expect of the quality of the water. During the first swim I felt completely comfortable as the whole area including the water is very clean! She up keeps the pool and hot tub in a very natural, progressive way. It was a very pleasant experience and we swam in the pool several times. This place is very therapeutic-and not far from Barrie-my fiancé and I drove in to the city a few times to get a massage and to go out for dinner, and great for anyone looking for a sacred space to practice yoga/meditation and/or interested in learning more about living a more natural-organic lifestyle. This vacation was good for the soul. We will definitely return to visit John & Vera.” Julian and Megan

“Both Vera and Lucy are amazing people with the biggest hearts, they made us feel so welcomed and both have beautiful souls. We did the goat yoga in the morning and fun camp animal therapy in the afternoon. Both of these experiences were incredible, learned lots, would recommend 100%. The animals were all so great and a wide variety. We had a delicious lunch and lucked out with the most perfect weather as well. I immediately had to share this great experience with others, I’m sure we will be back again soon.” Morgan June 2018

“Where do I even begin? This was the best experience. We ate delicious, fresh food, laughed with strangers like we’d known them forever, and snuggled the sweetest animals out there. If you’re looking to have a unique experience, this is the place to be. Vera and Lucy put their hearts into what they do. They care so deeply for their animals and treat their visitors like family. I’d go back in a heartbeat”  Cat June 2018

“There should be more than 5 stars to rate what an amazing experience this was! From the moment we arrived to when we left, Lucy and Nelson were the most welcoming, hospitable and generous hosts! Such an exceptional experience and beyond our expectations! Even the animals shared their unconditional love and spirit. Great karma and great vibes. It is clear that they love and take care of these special rescue animals with everything they have. The lunch which we enjoyed with Lucy and Nelson outdoors with the goats and chickens nearby was delicious and plentiful. We would highly highly recommend this beautiful therapeutic day on the farm. Do it. Book now.” Tara 2018

“Vera and Lucy are the biggest sweethearts in the world; they welcomed us into their space with eagerness and grace and made us feel at home right away. The location is breathtaking, an open field of green that instantly puts the mind at ease. The animals are surprisingly social, eager to approach and interact, on a level I’ve never witnessed before! They are very curious, very friendly, and very charming; you can’t help but smile and befriend them right off the bat, and the resulting affinity will cause you to experience a very simplistic peace, and to really be in the moment. Vera and Lucy peppered our interactions with the myriad animals with a number of fun facts about them, from their names, to how they came to be there, to their personalities and habits, helping us to connect to the experience on an even higher level. They would answer questions, and encourage us to interact with every animal, to make sure we met them all. The experience culminated in what we referred to as a “Family Dinner”, where guests and hosts sat on an outdoor table, and enjoyed a meal made of such fresh, organic ingredients, that I miss it just writing about it! We had a wonderful chat over this generous, delicious fare, while taking in the fresh air, admiring the landscape, and having a laugh at the animals who were trying to sneak a bite with us. Overall, I highly recommend this experience, even if it’s a little out of your planned trajectory. Vera and Lucy have something really special going on here, and anyone who can, should be a part of it! I hope to have a chance sooner than later for a second visit.” Leo June 2018

“I am a yoga teacher from Taiwan looking for a place to host yoga retreats thats secluded, close to nature, has delicious home cooking, and just within one hour drive from the city. Vera‘s place ticked all the boxes and provided everything we needed and more for a peaceful and relaxing group retreat! From the prior to arrival to the actual retreat date Vera has been so helpful in helping me with planning and answering any questions I had. We had three days of wonderful yoga by the pond, went on a wild food foraging tour in the forest where Vera passionately explained and taught us about wonderful edible plants that we later feasted as part of our delicious organic lunch. The location itself is absolutely magical surrounded by nature and little animals from squirrels to frogs to bluejays. Vera and Lucy even let us play with their baby bunnies and baby goats that are soooo adorable and cute. Our retreat guests really enjoyed the amenities on site like the sauna and hot tub, or just relaxing with a book in the wooden gazebo overlooking the forests. Everyone left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I spent an additional two nights at the boxcar just as a retreat for myself and was cozy and private, all the beds were really comfortable! Thank you Vera & John & Lucy for making us feel right at home and being gracious hosts. I already recommended this place to all my nature loving friends and we will be back!”  Lydia June 2018

“The yoga program has worked well and have been free of back pain for a long  time thanks to you. I also am trying to improve my posture and now walk  upright at the track and look at the lighting above rather than watching my feet  as before. Again thanks for your magical powers of changing something I had accepted.”  Cheers Gene – 81 years old with a bent over painful back for years.

“The New Mother Nature. Thank You for adding me to the mail list. I appreciate the articles, and I see that you are truly empowered to Save the Earth. Mother Nature started, and gave us a safe, and secure planet. We disappointed her with our greed, and lust for non organic products. We have polluted our air, water, land, flora and fauna. We have even created mutant animals, and new species of many life forms, just to satisfy our own needs.”

Do we need to clone sheep?

Do we need to create oxen that can carry bigger loads?

Do people realize that they are eating baby chicks that are full of hormones?

Are the preservatives found to keep ketchup for months, keeping us from growing naturally also?

Mother Nature has given up, as we ignore her warnings,

Global warming, Drought, Famine, War, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, … the list is endless.

But we aren’t.

Soon we will annihilate our own kind, and then we will have to address

the Vera‘s of the world that said …. look to nature to resolve issues.

What will we say, when the cells in our body turn on us, and the cause is from the chemicals that are ingested,

or the solvents used to make our clothes extra bright?

Vera, you are not Mother Nature, but you can be sister Earth,

Keep up the good work.” Carey