Yoga Inspirations ~ for the Aquarian Age

Yoga Inspirations ~ for the Aquarian Age
  • Yoga Inspirations ~ for the Aquarian Age
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Valuable quotes guiding into the 2012 Aquarian Age from yogic ancient sayings mostly from the Spiritual Leader Yogi Bhajan. A beautiful satin crafted pouch with a satin ribbon draw string filled with valuable quotes These Yoga Inspirations are full of wisdom, and healing sayings to inspire and uplift you to transport you to a place of enlightenment for your soul. I believe they really do help to keep the doctors away by cultivating an uplifted mind and body to be positive, calm and inspired! As a Yoga

As a Teacher, I have found that offering my students a Yoga Inspiration to keep at the end of each yoga session a wonderful way to set the day. It is wonderful to share and end with the Yoga Inspirations. It creates a bond with the yoga session connecting the students with each other and with myself, the teacher. The students really appreciate and look forward to receiving a Yoga Inspiration that will speak to them personally.

As a Yoga Student, I have found that I always draw the right inspiration for the moment that touches my heart and makes my day. It is a special treat, kind of like getting a fortune cookie only better, because the Yoga Inspiration talks to me personally to what I may need to hear to help my soul grow.

In Home or Business, I have found that Yoga Inspirations provide and invitation for my friends, family, or business associates to connect. Everyone looks forward to sharing and I like giving people that personal touch of giving a token of inspiration to people. It really helps everyone to inspire themselves and others to nurture and cultivate united caring relationships

Note: pouch may vary in colours and design