Healthy Earth Enzymes Probiotic: Ag-Zyme

Healthy Earth Enzymes Probiotic: Ag-Zyme
  • Healthy Earth Enzymes Probiotic: Ag-Zyme
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Ag-zyme is an Enzyme Probiotic that works with Mother Nature to naturally balance, renew and flourish proven results for: Agriculture; Gulf Courses; Gardens.  It serves as the catalyst for increased bacterial activity which digests the fertilizers and minerals in the soil and delivers them to the roots in a form so that they can be assimilated.

It’s function is to improve water penetration & increases moisture retention. Develops and maintains micro-organism habitat, decreases plant stress during hot dry periods, increases availability of nutrients to plants.


  • IMPROVES PENETRATION AND WATER RETENTION - Ag-Zyme reduces the surface tension of the water and allows it to penetrate more rapidly. As water penetrates it brings more oxygen into the soil.
  • IMPROVES WATER RETENTION - As water penetrates more rapidly, there is less run off and deeper water does not evaporate as rapidly as surface water.
  • AERATES THE SOIL - The oxygen flocculates the soil, (soil actually weighs less per cubic centimetre.)
  • IMPROVES ROOT GROWTH - The above benefits create an environment that causes deeper, healthier roots.
  • INCREASES MICRO-ORGANISMS IN SOIL - The extra oxygen helps support the increase micro-organisms.
  • NEUTRALIZES THE SOIL - The deeper penetration leaches many salts from the root zones and the increased micro-organisms helps to digest other salts.
  • INCREASES CROP YIELD AND IMPROVES UNIFORMITY OF CROP - Healthy soil develops healthy plants which in turn produce a better crop.