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Note: Vera Del Vecchio’s articles, views and opinions expressed on are purely personal views and are provided for pleasure, information, and educational purposes only. Always consult with Professional Health Practitioners. Information is meant to cultivate, empower, and encourage you to cultivate a healthy lifestyle and healthy earth for the future of our children.

Healthy Earth Yoga Lifestyle Tips written by Vera Del Vecchio.

When I first learned about Ishnaan Therapy or Hydrotherapy (Cold Shower) in the Kundalini Yoga Teachings, I had shivers at just the thought of taking a cold shower. Yikes! My thoughts were; why would anyone want to take a shocking cold shower instead a nice hot shower? That is nuts!

Lately, spas have been adding ‘hydrotherapy showers’ and the Finns have been known to take hot saunas, then roll in the snow or dip in the cold waters.

With much resistance, I had to try it. It was hard at first, but then I noticed that it felt good after the cold shower. It felt invigorating and refreshing with kind of a feeling of giving me more energy. I can honestly say that after taking cold showers now for a few years, I would not take a shower any other way. Unless I am sick, I take cold showers all the time. In fact it is no trouble for me to take a dip in cold lake water at our cottage from April to November – Very Refreshing! (my family and friends think I’m nuts and will not join me.)

Give it a try! You may become very holy the moment the cold water hits your body, because it is likely you will shout, ‘Oh my God!’

Why is a cold shower (Hydrotherapy) good for you?

It improves your body circulation and strengthens your entire nervous system. Your blood rushes to the skin surface in self-defence when the cold water hits the surface of your skin. Your skin has four layers. People pay huge sums of money for what is now called ‘Hydrothermal therapy’ when in reality all you need is cold water!

First, before you get wet, massage your body all over with a little oil. Oil is more easily absorbed by the skin when it is mixed with water – and you won’t be greasy afterwards. Almond oil or olive oil is highly recommended since the almond contains many minerals, and it nourishes the body through the pores of the skin.

Go in and out of the water four times, constantly massaging your body until the water no longer feels cold. Be sure not to miss the area under your arms, which is where the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems meet. You can even stand on one foot and massage the top of it with the other foot. Women, be sure to massage your breasts to keep healthy lymph glands. “When we do ice-cold water massage, not only do we open up the capillaries, but when they return to normal, that blood goes back to the organs.” Yogi Bajan

Note: Not recommended if you are menstruating or are sick.

Healthy Earth 2012 Survival Plan Newsletter, written by – Vera Del Vecchio.

2012 is very near. The time has come to reflect, prepare and make positive changes for ourselves and our loved ones. With all the world disasters in the last few years, I believe we all know that there will be many changes beyond our control that will shake us in a very deep level.

I do not believe that it will be the end of our world, but I do believe that it will be the end of our world as we know it. In preparation for all the changes that has and will happen, I am providing a 2012 Survival Plan Newsletter from my research about the new coming of the Aquarian Age.

This newsletter will provide information, recipes, health enhancing lifestyle tips, Ancient Yogic and other Scripture Information, meditations and kryas. My hope is to provide tools and information to build strength for a healthy body, mind and soul to bring you through the transition from the Piscean Age towards the soon to be wondrous world of the Aquarian Age.

In April 1999, Yogi Bhajan ( told us some very profound Ancient Yogic information:

•By the year 2013 the world population will be seven billion.

•The change in technology, psychology, and sociology will be huge.

•The chaos of information in the computer age will make it difficult for people to cope with their day to day lives.

•Every human, no matter to which religion they belong, will face a reality in the future where they will need a strong, healthy nervous system, mental clarity and spiritual strength.

•In need of the times, and to sustain themselves, tomorrow’s individuals must have yogic training.

•By 2013, forty to sixty percent of the population will be practicing yoga.

•Body, mind, and spirit can be enhanced through yogic techniques to meet these natural human phenomena.

•They will recognize that the yogic community is sincere and dependable, serving and giving.

•People will see that those who practice yoga are bright and beautiful, calm and blissful.

Yoga is a science and a gift for humanity. It is the custodian of human grace and radiance that holds a great future for every human being. It brings mental calibre for purpose and prosperity of life. The future of yoga is bright, bountiful, and blissful.

Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age by Yogi Bhajan

1.Recognize that the other person is you.

2.There is a way through every block.

3.When the time is on you, start and the pressure will be off.

4.Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.

5.Vibrate the Cosmos, Cosmos shall clear the path.

Yoga Inspiration of the Month

“God is in all, big and small. If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all.” Yogi Bhajan

Why Kundalini Yoga?

I believe that Kundalini yoga is a scientific technology for happiness that will provide the tools to lead us into the Aquarian Age. You will learn to ride your energy, to experience it and penetrate to any given situation. When you become totally aware, your creative potential becomes available to you. When practicing Kundalini Yoga, your inner radiance and creative powers are awakened to unite with the Universal life force, empowering you with awareness beyond the ordinary to all aspects of your daily life.

All yoga’s are wonderful. It is described that yoga is like a diamond and each cut of the diamond shines beautifully like every type of yoga. Kundalini Yoga is the diamond itself – the mother of all the yoga’s – all yoga came from Kundalini Yoga and it is the oldest. It was kept secret for only the elite population in India till about 35 years ago. Yogi Bhajan believed that its potential is needed for humanity to bring us into the Aquarian Age.

It is said that it takes twenty years of other yoga’s to one year’s benefits of Kundalini Yoga. I believe that it is also one of the least popular forms of yoga, since it brings to surface all the fears and issues that you need to face and work on. Not everyone is ready to unload their baggage and would rather carry it around with them or load their baggage on someone else.

Meditation Healthy Earth Yoga

Stress Relief and Clearing Emotions of the Past

This mediation is useful for dealing with stress, difficult relationships, past family issues – as unresolved emotional conflicts.

I have chosen this meditation to start. Forgiveness and clearing of past issues is a lifetime practice that helps you to let go, close the pages of your past, and focus on today and tomorrow.

Someone taught me once: I love you, I bless you, I forgive you. I do this with everyone that I have had difficult relations with in my meditations on a regular basis. I am always amazed on how well it heals my relationships. It is a terrible thing if you were abused in your past. It is 20 times more terrible if you continue to live your abuse of your past everyday, without letting it go. Don’t forget to forgive and love yourself first! Let it go – you were born for happiness and prosperity in your life!

1. Sit with spine in a chair or cross-legged on the floor.

2. Place your hands at the center your chest, tips of the thumbs and each finger touching the corresponding fingers on the opposite hand.

3. Fingertips are pointing upward. There is a space between the palms.

4. Look at the tip of your nose and inhale for 5 seconds. Hold for 5 seconds. Exhale for 5 seconds. Practice for 11 minutes.

5. To end, inhale, hold the breath for a few seconds then exhale and relax.


Newsletter – Jan 2012

Inspriational Quote
“In the age of Aquarius you shall not follow any trend other than the one that makes you graceful and divine, and makes you identify yourself into contentment and prosperity.” Yogi Bhajan

Relaxing to Sleep resource

The following routine can help you fall asleep more quickly, sleep more soundly, and ensure a more rejuvenating sleep.

  1. Exercise. Do some yoga and meditation to help relax the body and process the stresses of the day.
  2. No big meals. It is easier on the liver and digestion if you have not eaten a heavy meal for at least two hours. Neither is it is good idea to go to bed too hungry, since this may wake you up in the middle of the night.
  3. Comb your hair down with a wooden comb.
  4. Do your bathroom routine. Void the urine. Brush your teeth and clean the mucus from the throat until the eyes begin to water.
  5. Drink a glass of water.
  6. Wash your feet with cold water, rub them with a coarse towel, and massage them with almond oil. While doing this process, separate yourself from the world and tune yourself into the One Creative Cosmic Power.
  7. Make sure your room is dark, unless it is a full moon – no light from any sources if possible. Your bed. It is best for your back and for proper sleep to use a firm bed, and bedding of natural fabric. Have your bed facing east west, so that you are not aligned with the earth’s magnetic field.
  8. Lie down on your back and start long deep breathing, consciously relaxing and letting go.
  9. Turn onto your right side as you relax into sleep, so that you are breathing through your left nostril, which brings a calming and cooling effect on the body and brain. It also relaxes the heart and lets the stomach and small intestine drain as you sleep.

As soon as the breath becomes regular and slow, you will go quickly through the preliminary stages of sleep and almost immediately reach the deep dreamless sleep state, avoiding the energy draining dream stage altogether. Plus you’ll be able to come back out of deep sleep more easily and gracefully when it’s time to wake up.

Sprouts Soaking ~ for eating or before planting ~ note: recommend EM Ceramic structured water

  1. First soak: 20 minutes in a weak hydrogen peroxide solution (1-2 tbsp. Hydrogen peroxide per 2 quarts of water and add seeds. This is to clean the seeds thoroughly of any surface dirt, dust and spores that might contaminate the sprouting seeds.
  2. Second soak: 20 minutes in a 1:100 dilution of EM Probiotic in water. This helps provide a probiotic environment for the sprouting seeds to ward off re-contamination by spores.
  3. Soak: 8:10 hrs. or overnight in pure, clean water. We recommend using EM Ceramics to help structure the soaking water for optimum results.


  1. Use holed trays
  2. Lining the tray with a cheesecloth
  3. Put a very thin layer of peat moss (1/2 inch or less) in the bottom of the tray
  4. Soaked seeds are layered on top of the peat moss in one layer (a standard 10 by 20 inch tray will hold 1.5 to 2 cups of seeds)
  5. Give a gentle spray of water to help settle the seeds before being placed in the rack to start the germination process.
  6. Place a dark cover over the sprouts, which is typically just another empty tray.
  7. Once the sprouts reach the top of the covering tray, it is removed and the sprouts are exposed to sunlight to green up.


Newsletter – March 2012

Educate yourself and discover Eco-Friendly info, articles, products, recipes and tips for you to create a healthy earth. Learn about healing ancient teachings and valuable tools with yoga, exercise, and food medicine. Look forward to the future with “the 2012 Survival Plan” to recharge, empower, and self heal your life and the world around you!

Note: articles and info are meant to cultivate, and encourage a healthy lifestyle and a healthy earth. Always consult with Professional Health Practitioners.


Toronto: April 13–15, 2012
Exhibition Place – Show hours : 13th – 10-9 | 14th – 10-9 | 15th 10-6
FREE admission – just bring electronic waste for recycling

Yoga Show March 30 – April 1, 2012 Metro Toronto Convention Center at #3HO Booth

Yoga Inspiration of the Month ~ Resource: Yogi Bhajan Teachings &
“If you can’t see love in all, you can’t see love at all” Yogi Bhajan


What is the Age of Aquarius? Yogi Bhajan lecture, April 7, 1993.

The Age of Aquarius is a mega-multiple manifestation. It is a lifestyle which has a vision of many channels of realities which a single human being will have to face. The capacity of the mind will reach its optimum in order to deal with everyday life. The world will become smaller and smaller and smaller. So man’s vitality has to become larger and larger and larger.
In this concept, which we are facing today, we shall move into the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is a mega-faceted existence. Multi-tributaries will nurse the pond. Multi-existences will exist for the individual’s coordination. All senses and sensitivity will lead to this age.

I am not trying to be a prophet and prophesize the future. In the Age of Aquarius, the emptiness in people shall fall from the heavenly dislocation of their environment and energy. The magnetic field of the earth will change fast. You shall be in a position to give people hope. You don’t have to go, proselytize and ask people to become anything. Simply be bright, be beautiful, be bountiful and be blissful. That’s the only service you can do.

If there’s no reverence, there’s no reality. Reality and truth cannot give you anything but reverence. You cannot separate them. When you have duality, you have a very beautiful split. It creates a gorge in which you, your future and your destiny shall fall. For those who play games in the Age of Aquarius, I have a word of advice for them. Play no games. Let the hand of God play the game. If you play games, then even with all the wealth and achievement you can attain, you will be nothing but pure misery.
So please give God a chance. Let God guide you, and see how it goes.



Simple Healing Meditation to Help those in Need – Yogi Bhajan, Taught on September 18, 2001

In 2001, after the September 11th attacks on New York City, the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, taught a very simple, but powerful meditation to send healing to those in need.

Ten years later, with the incredible and sometimes devastating events occurring around the world, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless. Sometimes, we wonder, “What can I do?”

This simple healing meditation is something you can do in your own home to support the healing of those who are in pain. It is very effective.
You can do this meditation anywhere from 3 minutes to 11 minutes a day. Even if you spend just five minutes doing this meditation, you will feel the changes in yourself. You will also tap your power to positively influence events through your prayers and intentions.
About this meditation? “You must not misunderstand your powers. A saint is a human also. Try to act as a saint and a sage. It is a very little price you have to pay to let your ego go and let your sainthood prevail. Calamities are nothing but challenges. Challenges are nothing but awakening calls to improve our being, and an improved being is nothing but God’s Self within us.” Yogi Bhajan


Sit with a straight spine, and have your neck aligned with the spine. If you like doing yoga, you can sit on the floor, in a relaxed, cross-legged posture. If you are not used to doing yoga, you can sit in a chair, with both feet firmly flat on the ground and sitting very straight.
The hand posture (called a mudra) is to interlace your fingers in front of the heart center with the thumbs crossed. The fingers are interlaced, but the palms don’t connect. The elbows are relaxed alongside the ribcage. Close the eyes and do the following chant: Raa Maa Daa Saa Saa Say So Hung.

Continue holding this posture and chant for 3-11 minutes. Reach out sincerely from your heart to those who are in pain and in need.
When you are done chanting, maintain the posture. Inhale deeply, suspend the breath and meditate on the power of the Universe to bring healing and balance to those you are praying for. Project the healing energy from your heart, and know that this breath is a healing breath. Then exhale. Repeat this breath two more times (for a total of 3 times). Relax

Testimony for X-Large Sheepskin

Hi Vera – I got the sheepskin – it is nothing short of gorgeous! thank you for offering such a quality item. Question? To brush the wool, what is the best kind of brush or comb to use to keep it fluffy and not damage the wool? Really liked your Dec newsletter – how do I sign up to get these?Have a great day, Kathy Krebs

Hi Kathy – Glad you like your sheepskin. You may use a pet metal brush, or any brush, or you may just give your sheepskin a shakeout.
Thanks, Vera

What is EM Probiotics?

EM is short for Effective Microorganisms. EM Probiotics is a miracle liquid that acts as a probiotic for your garden, soil enhancer, pest control agent, aquatic balancer, and to over all revitalize and rebuild ecosystems. EM was discovered by Dr. Higa in Japan 30 years ago and is now used successfully in over 130 countries all over the world.

Microbes are a crucial part of every ecosystem that includes humans, animals, and all life on earth. EM Probiotics in your garden cultivates super-vigorous culture of microbes that can use the native minerals in your soil to build soil and provide nutrition to your plants.

“Not for Human Consumption?”

Even though the bottle of EM Probiotics does not specify “for human consumption”, it has been documented that people are consuming and using EM in recipes all over the world. Could EM Probiotics be consumed to promote a healthy ecosystem in your gut? It seems we’re finding out that these same microbes could be multi-use! Amazing!

Could that be possible? One of our clients Mother in Germany was using EM for consumption and among many other purposes. They were both glad that she could now finally buy EM in Canada instead of shipping from Germany.

If you “dare”, try out some of these recipes ~ E-book “EM Probiotic Recipes”
Fermented Organic Lemon “soda” or sparkling lemonade

  • Squeeze 1 Fresh lemon
  • Add 8 ounces water
  • use Raw Agave to sweeten to taste
  • Add 1 ounce EM Probiotic

Mix all ingredients in an airtight container with a screw on lid and let ferment at room temperature for at least 3-5 days. Put into refrigerator to chill or drink with ice.


We recently received this testimonial: Making your hot tub a safe place!

Making your hot tub a safe place! Written by Karen Dawnn, Green Monkey Eco Boutique New Market, ON
For many years I was unable to use the hot tub at our cottage up north! The first time I ventured into its chemical laden waters was the last time, as I became very ill from submerging myself into such a toxic soup, not to mention that the chemicals in there ate right through my bathing suit. That does not sound very healing to me in the least, in fact it is downright harmful, and yet hot tub manufacturers continue to ply their customers with very expensive and completely unnecessary chemicals. There is now an answer to this troubling situation. Healthy Earth Probiotic EM Ceramic K Pipes and Probiotic EM. We just emptied the tub, filled it with fresh water, Added one bag of the ceramic k pipes to leave in the hot tub, poured in some of Healthy Earth’s Probiotic EM and we had a very clean and healthy hot tub that I was now able to use! We refreshed the tub with the probiotic EM liquid once a week or depending on our use. Simple, Healthy, Effective and truly a wonderful invention.

Thanks Vera at Healthy Earth


What is Healthy Earth Probiotic EM Ceramics and Structured Water?

Water retains traces of everything that comes into contact with it. Small particles in the water, or dissolved solids, have tiny charged ions that stick the solids together and to the water molecules, forming clusters of water molecules with impurities trapped inside. To purify the water, we need to break up these molecule clusters and remove the impurities. Since the molecules are ionized, we can do this effectively by using a charge to pull the clusters apart, a process known as ion water purification.

EM Pool maintenanceSchool kids in Japan
Industrial Ocean Cleanup in Japan

EM Ceramics have the unique ability to remove this pollution imprint from the memory of the water molecules through what is referred to as “far infarred signals”. By removing the pollution memory from the purified water, the molecules restructure back to the hexagonal micro clusters. The regular consumption of the liquid crystals known as hexagonally-structured water has been recognized as one of the most important keys to improved health. It has been associated with rapid hydration, heightened immune function, the efficient removal of toxins, better nutrient absorption, longevity, weight loss, and overall greater health.

EM survives in very high heat and is baked and contained into the silica clay ceramics. In water these ceramics energize and microstructure the water molecules. They break down the water particles to increase its bioavailability and resistance to malefic microbes and reverse oxidation and elicit beneficial magnetic resonance to enhance natural cell regeneration. Each EM Ceramic type emits different frequencies and removes different contaminants from water and can be used in combination.

Probiotic EM Ceramic K Pipes (Grey) 500 grams per bag See: www.healthyearth -Applications charts and info

Pools and Hot Tubs use EM & Probiotic EM Ceramic K.

These ceramics can tolerate heat and control oxidation and free radical production emits, far-infrared rays, and structures water. They are baked at 1200C and retain their properties almost indefinitely by trapping the EM within its matrix. To clean and recharge simply: rinse and soak ceramics 24 hours in EM solution.


Drinking water, storing frying oil, in the bath, in the holding tank of a toilet, in aquariums, water for plants, in water for arranged flowers and swimming pool, ponds, etc. Water for Plants, Landscaping

Probiotic EM Ceramic Ball

Great for structuring water, reducing oxidation and free radical production emits far-infrared rays, and improving taste of water. The high temperature ceramics adsorb the impurities, making them “stick” to the surface of the ceramic unit. Over time, the pores in the ceramics will be plugged with the dissolved solids. Lasts almost forever! Clean and Recharge Stone Ball repeatedly: Just soak in EM solution for 24 hours.

Improving Household Water – Simply place Ceramic Stone Ball into a glass, container of water, water-filled jug, pot or kettle and allow 2 hours before using. Drink the water straight or boil the water for making tea or coffee.

The Bath, Washing Machines and Dishwashers and Pet Drinking Water Simply place ball in water Cooking, Boiling Frying Pot –
drop in pot to protect from oxidation and rancidity.

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