Micro Heroes

Beneficial to Restore Health in Nature * Safe for Humans, Animals and the Planet

Micro Heroes Mix – (BOKASHI) $25 for 2kg – use with Bokashi Bucket Composting Kit.

Micro Heroes Mix is a natural compost starter that turns your food waste into a goldmine of organic nutrient rich soil in only 2- 4 weeks. There are NO foul smells, flies, toxic gasses or animal attraction. Read More

Ingredients: Wheat bran, molasses, EM ceramic powder, and water.

Uses: Composting for Household or Large scale use * Compost Pet Waste * Pet / Livestock Feed Probiotic Additive * Dog Runs * Portable & Waterless Compost Toilets * Soil Enrichment * Odour Control * Pest and Fly Control * Leaf and Plant Waste * Mulch Decomposition * Potting Soils * Garden and Agriculture Regeneration


This Composting Bucket is anaerobic to use with Micro Heroes Mix to break down food waste by fermentation instead of rotting and decay in only 2-4 weeks! Read More

MICRO HEROES PROBIOTIC – 500 ml- $20 – 1L $35  – 1 Gallon(4L) $99

Beneficial to Restore Health in Nature * Safe for Humans, Animals and the Planet

This Micro Heroes Probiotic liquid is beneficial is probiotic, eco-friendly and health enhancing that is naturally found in nature since ancient times. Read More

Uses of Micro Heroes Probiotic:

  • Agriculture – Increases yield, quality and fertility of soil and reduces methane production and also enhance farm slurry treatment.
  • Aquaculture & Fish Keeping – Improving water quality & fish health
  • Aquatic Ecosystems – Bioremediation of lakes & ponds for silt reduction & pollution control
  • Biobeds – To increase their efficiency
  • Composting – To improve composting efficiency and toxicity
  • Equestrian – To boost horse’s health and for odour control
  • Horticulture – To increases soil fertility, quality and disease suppression
  • Hydroponics – Increases efficiency of nutrient uptake
  • Livestock & Poultry & Game & Pets – Use as a probiotic and for odour control
  • Reed Beds – To increase their efficiency
  • Cleaning Household & Industrial Use – Washrooms & kitchen cleaner, floral water vase water, washing vegetables, etc.
  • Lactic Acid Bacteria – Lactic acid bacteria is, taxonomically, a generic term for bacteria that convert large amounts of sugars into lactic acid through lactic acid fermentation. Read More
  • Yeast – Known as a fermentation starter, yeast is a microorganism necessary for the brewing of alcohol and the making of bread. Read More
  • Phototrophic Bacteria – (Also known as photosynthetic bacteria) are an ancient type of bacteria in existence from before the Earth had its present concentration of oxygen. Read More

How does Probiotic EM work?

Micro Heroes Probiotic increases beneficial soil microbes by suppressing the harmful  pathogens microbes by accelerating the decomposition of organic wastes and increases the availability of mineral nutrients. Read More

Micro Heroes Composting (Bokashi):

  1. Cut up food scraps into one inch pieces – bigger pieces and bones may take a little longer to break down.
  2. Start with one bucket and sprinkle about a small handful (1-2 tbsp) of bokashi mix at the bottom of the bucket.
  3. Add food waste and every 2 inches of food waste, sprinkle bokashi mix to cover all food waste (about a small handful).
  4. Compress the food scraps with a compressor, plate or potato masher to get any air out, then, cover the bucket with the lid for an air-tight bucket.
  5. Use the liquid drained from the bucket spigot spout to water your plants as a fertilizer, or deodorize your drains or toilets. Mix 10 parts water to 1 part drained liquid before using as a plant fertilizer.
  6. When bucket is full, leave it out of sunlight to ferment for one week (can leave for longer). This allows the bokashi to ferment food (microbes do their work) scraps the in the bucket.
  7. Bury contents of bucket in the garden. Mix contents with some soil before adding 6 inches of soil to cover contents. In 2 weeks, the soil is ready for planting.

Note: The fermented food still look like food scraps. Read More

What to do in winter when ground is frozen?

Bokashi takes extreme temperatures. When it is freezing, the effective microorganisms go dormant, and wake up when the temperature rises.
Choices: (note: animals will not get into your bokashi fermenting compost and it will not have foul smells or flies!)

  1. You can leave the contents in buckets for months or extended period-no problem.
  2. You can dump contents into a pile in garden, or add to above ground compost, and   cover it with a tarp. When the weather is warmer, leave it covered for 4-6 weeks and you will get organic rich fertilizer!
  3. You can layer contents into a garbage can, flower box or any container. Read More