Micro Heroes

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Micro Heroes Probiotic – 500 ML / $20     1 L / $40      Gallon (4 L) / $99

Beneficial to Restore and Enhance Healthy Life in Humans, Plants, Animals and Planet. Read More

It contains about 80 different beneficial microorganisms that are known to work together to provide many benefits for soil, plants and environment. Read More

Micro Heroes Mix (Bokashi) 

2 Kg / $25             5 Kg / $70             10 kg / $135              20 kg / $250

Micro Heroes Mix is a natural compost starter that turns your food waste into a goldmine of organic nutrient rich soil in only 2- 4 weeks. Many other uses are for agriculture, animals, odour control… Read More

Ingredients: Wheat bran, molasses, EM ceramic powder, and water.

Uses: Use with Bokashi Bucket Composting Kit * Composting for Household or Large scale use * Compost Pet Waste * Pet / Livestock Feed Probiotic Additive * Dog Runs * Portable & Waterless Compost Toilets * Soil Enrichment * Odour Control * Pest and Fly Control * Leaf and Plant Waste * Mulch Decomposition * Potting Soils * Garden and Agriculture Regeneration

Bokashi Bucket Kit

Includes bucket, compressor, spigot – $59 each or 2 buckets for $99

So easy, fast, and best results! Bokashi eliminates odours, toxic gasses, flies, animal attraction and can process a much wider variety of food scraps, including veg, fruit, fat, cheese, bread, fish, chicken, meat and even bones!  Read More