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Making your hot tub a safe place!
Written by Karen, Dawnn Green Monkey Eco Boutiqe, New Market, Ontario

For many years I was unable to use the hot tub at our cottage up north!
The first time I ventured into its chemical laden waters was the last time, as I became very ill from submerging myself into such a toxic soup, not to mention that the chemicals in there ate right through my bathing suit. That does not sound very healing to me in the least, in fact it is downright harmful, and yet hot tub manufacturers continue to ply their customers with very expensive and completely unnecessary chemicals.
There is now an answer to this troubling situation.

Healthy Earth EM Ceramic K Pipes and Probiotic EM.
We just emptied the tub, filled it with fresh water,
Added one bag of the ceramic k pipes to leave in the hot tub, poured in some of
Healthy Earth’s Probiotic EM and we had a very clean and healthy hot tub that I was now able to use! We refreshed the tub with the probiotic EM liquid once a week or more depending on our use.
Simple, Healthy, Effective and truly a wonderful invention
Thanks Vera at Healthy Earth


EM Ceramics –Scientific Information
Water retains traces of everything that comes into contact with it. Small particles in the water, or dissolved solids, have tiny charged ions that stick the solids together and to the water molecules, forming clusters of water molecules with impurities trapped inside.
To purify the water, we need to break up these molecule clusters and remove the impurities. Since the molecules are ionized, we can do this effectively by using a charge to pull the clusters apart, a process known as ion water purification.

EM Ceramics have the unique ability to remove this pollution imprint from the memory of the water molecules through what is referred to as “far infarred signals”. By removing the pollution memory from the purified water, the molecules restructure back to the hexagonal micro clusters. The regular consumption of the liquid crystals known as hexagonally-structured water has been recognized as one of the most important keys to improved health. It has been associated with rapid hydration, heightened immune function, the efficient removal of toxins, better nutrient absorption, longevity, weight loss, and overall greater health.

EM survives in very high heat and is baked and contained into the silica clay ceramics. In water these ceramics energize and microstructure the water molecules. They break down the water particles to increase its bioavailability and resistance to malefic microbes and reverse oxidation and elicit beneficial magnetic resonance to enhance natural cell regeneration. Each EM Ceramic type emits different frequencies and removes different contaminants from water and can be used in combination.

EM Ceramics
EM Ceramic K Pipes (Grey) 500 grams per bag   #11045, #11046

These ceramics can tolerate heat and control oxidation and free radical production emits, far-infrared rays, and structures water. They are baked at 1200C and retain their properties almost indefinitely by trapping the EM within its matrix.
To clean and recharge simply: rinse and soak ceramics 24 hours in EM solution.

Uses: Drinking water, storing frying oil, in the bath, in the holding tank of a toilet, in aquariums, water for plants, in water for arranged flowers and swimming pool, ponds, etc. Water for Plants, Landscaping irrigation, and Arranged flowers
Swimming Pools, Ponds, etc: One cubic metre of water for one kilogram of EM ceramics. Should amount to one thousandth part of the water mass and used with EM Probiotic. Where larger and constant masses of water are concerned, the amount of ceramics can be reduced by ten to twenty percent.

Drinking water: 1bag for 5 gallon jug

Laundry: Add to the water to increase the cleansing power of soaps and less soap is needed.

Aquarium Use: One bag per 10 gallon tank to prevent algae growth.

Frying and Storage of Oils: 1 handful in frying oil to protect from oxidation and rancidity.

Fruits & Vegetables: to extend freshness and reduce spoilage.

Fresh Cut Flowers: 1 bag for 2.5 gallons of water to energize the water and reduce slime to vase water and to extend freshness.

Toilets: 1 bag in the toilet holding tank to control slime and deodorize

Bathtub: 1 bag in bathtub


EM Ceramic Ball    #11049, #11050

Great for structuring water, reducing oxidation and free radical production emits far-infrared rays, and improving taste of water. The high temperature ceramics adsorb the impurities, making them “stick” to the surface of the ceramic unit. Over time, the pores in the ceramics will be plugged with the dissolved solids. Lasts almost forever! Clean and Recharge Stone Ball repeatedly: Just soak in EM solution for 24 hours.
Improving Household Water – Simply place Ceramic Stone Ball into a glass, container of water, water-filled jug, pot or kettle and allow 2 hours before using. Drink the water straight or boil the water for making tea or coffee.
The Bath, Washing Machines and Dishwashers and Pet Drinking Water Simply place ball in water
Cooking, Boiling Frying Pot – drop in pot to protect from oxidation and rancidity.

EM Ceramic Powder   #11040, #11041, #11042, #11043, #11044

This is a finely ground version of EM Ceramics and is ideal for retaining soil nutrients necessary for plant growth soil fertility in agriculture and used in construction materials. The powerful vibration energy as a result of the high temperature firing process is effective in stopping off-gassing of VOC’s in building materials, increasing tensile strength in concrete, and protecting from EMF waves. The 7 micron particles are effective at creating spin in water conditioning. Ultra fine powder, down to 7 microns
Emits ultrasonic frequency of 30 kilohertz  Contains: EM and Quartz Mullite powder

For Soils, Gardening or Farming: Apply to the soil at the rate of 0.5Kg per Sq M/year. Sprinkle onto the soil surface and then gently rake in.  About 1/4-1/3 teaspoon is added per gallon of water before using for making Activated EM. Insect repellent: Mixed with water and spray on plants.

Paints, Glues, & Other Building Materials: Use and Mix in medium to reduce toxic fumes. Mix well with paints, adhesives, cement, and taping compounds. Add 1-3% by volume. Generally, one teaspoon added per gallon of liquid material, such as paint.  For materials that are more solid, such as concrete, it is added at 0.5-1% weight of the material.

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