Healthy Earth Nature Farming is Beneficial to Restore and Enhance Healthy Life in Humans, Plants, Animals and Planet

Note: Our produce is grown with Nature Farming Methods using Micro Heroes for true organic methods that grows healthier, stronger, larger plants.

5 Principles of Healthy Earth Nature Farming:

1. Nature farming is simple to understand and can be practiced by anyone.

2. Nature farming is beneficial to the farmer, society, protects and the environment.

3. Nature farming preserves and protects the soil, the basis of sustainable agriculture.

4. Nature farming preserves nature and the environment for future generations.

5. Nature farming is able to continuously increase production to meet the needs of an expanding population without disrupting or destroying nature.

Healthy Earth Farmer

Sina Asgharar (his business name Unity Farm) ~ Organic Market Garden   It all started with the understanding ‘you are what you eat.” Sina’s adventure into farming has been one of self recovery through connection with nature. As his connection with nature has strengthened, his realization about the importance of food, and the way its grown has become vital. Moving forward it is his missions to connect people back with the food they consume, and most importantly nature.

Healthy Earth Market Garden: Pick Up by Appointment Only Please contact Vera or Sina


Wild Foods: Wild Salad Mix; Garlic Mustard; Dandelion; Flower Mix…more

Micro Greens; Spinach; Kale; Lettuce; Garlic / Onion Chives

Kampuchea; Micro Heroes Probiotic; Micro Heroes Mix (Bokashi);

Bokashi Composting Kit; Apricot Seeds B17

Coming Soon ~ Garlic; Green Beans; Zucchini and much more…

Saturdays 8am – 1pm – Sina our Healthy Earth Farmer will be at Village Market at Waldorf School – 9100 Bathurst St., Thornhill, Canada, L4J 8C7


WE USE FRIENDLY MICRO HEROES TO EAT UP ANY BAD BACTERIA. No more red eyes, damaged hair and skin rashes from the harsh chemicals in chlorine, bromine or salt water that turns to chlorine!

Ask about an appointment to pamper yourself and friends for a Healthy Earth Spa Day!

Healthy Earth Recommended Affiliates

Lexi Yoga

Gal About Town – Fun thing to do surrounding Barrie, Ontario

Gn’R Alpaca Farm

Gn’R Farm is a small farm close to Barrie, Ontario, raising beautiful alpacas for their amazing fleece. Gail has won many awards for her hand made “one of a kind” treasures from her beautiful alpacas and some sheep.

Gail is offering many workshops and a store offering everything from processing raw fleece from start to finish, carded fleece, hand pulled roving, hand spun yarns, and  beautiful hand crafted items like hats, mitts, socks, scarves and much more!

Alpaca fleece is lustrous, soft and silky, warmer than wool, not prickly since contains no lanolin, which makes it non allergenic and flame-resistant.

Gn’R Alpaca Farm, 8561 Main St, GD 14, Lisle , ON, L0M 1M0


Zen Tree Care ~ Archie DeGaust “Conservation, Care & Respect” ISA Certified Arborist  Barrie, ON (705) 500-3959

“I think trees are pretty special. They will talk to you if you choose to listen. I’d be glad to stand in the shade of your tree(s), and discuss the various options that will ensure health, longevity and quality of life we leave for our future.

Archie uses our Healthy Earth Micro Heroes for good health in our soils and trees. ~ How trees clean the air