Animal Therapy

See Airbnb Experience for registration and schedule

Goat Yoga Therapy * Fun Camp Animal Therapy * Wild Walk Therapy 

Goat Yoga Dancing Therapy

We Guarantee Lots of Fun, Smiles and Laughter Therapy!

Goats will give you therapy to make you forget all about your problems and make you laugh till you cry. They are naturally very cute, friendly, social, and curious. Experience Goat Yoga and laugh your heart out! 

Vera Del Vecchio is a Certified Yoga Instructor since 2006. When Vera did her yoga practice, Zoe her baby goat would come up to jump, climb and snuggle beside her. Read More

What will you do?

Goat Yoga Dancing Therapy will be outside on the grass on our beautiful Utopia Farm fields. Or in cooler weather in our barn nicely set up for events. Read More

Where you’ll be?

Unique experience to form an up close experience with these friendly, adventurous, curious and playful goats. Read More

Fun Camp Animal Therapy

We Guarantee Lots of Fun, Smiles and Laughter Therapy!

Location: Lucy’s Farm Zoo, 8440 County Rd 56, Utopia, L0M 1T0

Please see class times, dates and register on Airbnb Experience $25 per person. 3 yrs and under free. Or contact us for a custom sessions for your group or event with a special price.

Lucy and Nelson over the years took in rescue and other animals by providing a loving and caring home for them at their farm. Read More

What you will do:

Lucy’s Farm Zoo – Fun Day Camp Give Yourself a Tech Holiday away from the craziness of the city and work! Meet our Horses, Miniature horses, Goats, Chickens, Bunnies, Ducks, Quails, Alpaca, Pot Belly Pig, Cats, Dogs, and Baby Animals! Discover Petting and feeding up close experience with our special friendly farm animals. Meet the lady hens and collect farm fresh eggs. Play with the baby animals.

Where you’ll be:

About one hour north of Toronto and about 15 minutes south of Lucy’s Farm Zoo – 8440 County Rd 56, Utopia, ON, L0M 1T0. Read More

Notes: Ask about getting close to some animals that you may need to gently introduce to get know you or what kind of feed for them a certain way. You may get a little dirty. Safety first – open palm feeding.

Nature Therapy ~ Location 5996 County Rd 21, Utopia, L0M 1T0

Wild Walk Therapy – Discover Wild Foods

What you will do:

Fun Wild foods are the best organic food available and nature’s gift to us! Life can get crazy! This is for those who want to connect with Mother Nature. Read More

Where you’ll take them

About one hour North of Toronto and about 10 minutes south of Barrie. Read More

Lucy’s Farm Zoo We Guarantee Lots of Fun and Laughter Therapy!

Lucy’s Farm Zoo ~ We Guarantee Lots of Fun, Smiles and Laughter Therapy!

  • 8440 County Rd 56, Utopia, ON, L0M 1T0 
  • Please contact: Lucy Bonjour 705-791-4930
  • Vera Del Vecchio 705-424-5249 cel: 416-368-0334
  • Meet our family of Horses, Miniature horses, Goats, Chickens, Bunnies, Ducks, Alpaca, Pot Belly Pig, Cats, Dogs, and Baby Animals and more!               
  • Excitement & Fun For: School trips; Birthday Parties; Events; Family Picnic; Pictures  

Rent a Chicken or Rabbit 

Do you want to try out an animal without a long term responsibility and can chicken out any time? No problem. Rent to enjoy the benefits without the worries! You may want to Rent Chickens to provide your family with your own fresh eggs! Read More

Box Car Cottage

Utopian 2 bedroom Vintage Boxcar Cottage located on Healthy Earth, Utopia Farm and Retreat, Utopia, Ontario, 1 hour N from Toronto! Totally relax and feel peace in nature with healthy air, water, farm grown food, rivers, spring fed pond, hot tub, infar red sauna, massage chair and indoor natural pool on 62 acres of trails, and forests with wildlife. Chemical free retreat.