Animal Therapy 

Goat Yoga Dancing Therapy

We Guarantee Lots of Fun, Smiles and Laughter Therapy!

Goats will give you therapy to make you forget all about your problems and make you laugh till you cry. They are naturally very cute, friendly, social, and curious. Experience Goat Yoga and laugh your heart out! 

Vera Del Vecchio is a Certified Yoga Instructor since 2006. When Vera did her yoga practice, Zoe her baby goat would come up to jump, climb and snuggle beside her.It gave Vera such a sweet joy, calmness and laughter to experience such a closeness with a goat. Zoe brought such a gift of love and therapy that took her mind out of any problems and made Vera happy! With her experience, Vera wants to pass this therapy and laughter to others and share “Goat Yoga Dancing Therapy.” We hope that you too can come and share these special goats to play and bring laughter and joy in your heart!

What will you do?

Goat Yoga Dancing Therapy will be outside on the grass on our beautiful Utopia Farm fields. Or in cooler weather in our barn nicely set up for events. Goat Yoga is very gentle and easy going for people 8yrs and up with no experience necessary. First of all the star of the class will be our goats! The goal of our Goat Yoga Dancing Therapy will be to forget all your problems. Of course you cannot do a serious yoga with goats jumping all over! So just go with the flow and if a goat jumps on you, wants to snuggle or feed, take a picture, just stop and play for a while. There will be lots of opportunity for interaction and play time with our goats that are naturally very cute, friendly, social, and curious. We will have paper towels and bins close by for poop or pee. Sorry, we are not able to potty train goats and hope you don’t mind! At the end of the class you will have lots of opportunity for feeding and taking pictures. There will be tea, snacks served and animal stories told. Then a closing circle sharing and a group hug blessing everyone and our goats. Cherish your time to enjoy, laugh, play, and treasured friends or family time in nature!

Where you’ll be?

Unique experience to form an up close experience with these friendly, adventurous, curious and playful goats. Let go with animal therapy to take a break from any stress, tech holiday, and away from the crazy and polluted city life. Enjoy to let yourself play, laugh, enjoy and love to connect with goats and animals. Get out with mother nature fresh country air while meeting new friends!

You may get a little dirty. Goats like to chew on hair, strings and shiny things. We do have an outhouse that is clean and pleasant. Please give yourself plenty of time in case of traffic or holidays. Our goats are usually born in January, February or sometimes October with mostly twins. Most of the times the goats are just babies or teenagers for our yoga class. We are open from March to October for Goat Yoga Dancing Therapy.

Note: You may reserve Airbnb Experience Fun Camp Animal Therapy right after or Stay at Airbnb Wow Box Car Cottage minutes away – we are super hosts!

Fun Camp Animal Therapy

We Guarantee Lots of Fun, Smiles and Laughter Therapy!

Location: Lucy’s Farm Zoo, 8440 County Rd 56, Utopia, L0M 1T0

Please see class times, dates and register on Airbnb Experience $25 per person. 3 yrs and under free. Or contact us for a custom sessions for your group or event with a special price.

Lucy and Nelson over the years took in rescue and other animals by providing a loving and caring home for them at their farm. They want to share their knowledge and love of their animals from their heart to yours for all ages to bring joy and therapy in your life!

What you will do:

Lucy’s Farm Zoo – Fun Day Camp Give Yourself a Tech Holiday away from the craziness of the city and work! Meet our Horses, Miniature horses, Goats, Chickens, Bunnies, Ducks, Quails, Alpaca, Pot Belly Pig, Cats, Dogs, and Baby Animals! Discover Petting and feeding up close experience with our special friendly farm animals. Meet the lady hens and collect farm fresh eggs. Play with the baby animals.

Where you’ll be:

About one hour north of Toronto and about 15 minutes south of Lucy’s Farm Zoo – 8440 County Rd 56, Utopia, ON, L0M 1T0 NOTE: GPS sometimes sends goose chase so please use Airbnb directions or across from Bear Creek Golf Club NOTE: Give yourself enough time for traffic or weather NOTE: Especially in winter or traffic conditions, you may have to cancel, so please no worries, contact us and reschedule another class. Park in the back by the barn.

Notes: Ask about getting close to some animals that you may need to gently introduce to get know you or what kind of feed for them a certain way. You may get a little dirty. Safety first – open palm feeding.

Nature Therapy ~ Location 5996 County Rd 21, Utopia, L0M 1T0

Wild Walk Therapy Nature * Learning * Wild Foods

What you will do: Fun Wild foods are the best organic food available and nature’s gift to us! Life can get crazy! This is for those who want to connect with Mother Nature. Relax, enjoy and nourish a Utopian getaway of nature’s beauty, bounty and tranquility. We will take a walk in the forests, and land to show and pick wild treasures of plants, berries, and mushrooms. Discover, pick and learn about their medicinal values. Then we will learn how to harvest, clean, talk about how to cook your wonderful wild foods of nature’s bounty! We will mix wild things, flowers with seasonal organic produce from our gardens for a delicious salad. We will make teas or drinks from our wild harvests from trees, flowers, greens and mushrooms. Like a family we’ll gather around the table to learn, try, and share our wonderful experiences of the best healthy wild foods on earth! Tantalize your food discoveries while having fun meeting and laughing with new friends! Have a wonderful time in fresh air, forests, enjoy nature’s around you. Take home wild food treasures and recipes. Wild Walk is your special time for Therapy to feed your Soul! Enjoy and play!

Where you’ll take them

About one hour North of Toronto and about 10 minutes south of Barrie. Consider allowing time for Traffic please. We will meet at our “Healthy Earth Utopia Farm and Retreat.” Our Wild Walk Therapy will follow our land along the Nottawasaga River amongst the sacred cedar forests and the many trails amongst the mixed forests and wild flower fields. Capture Wildlife Picture opportunities; birds, frogs, beavers, deer, groundhog, chipmunks and more.

May be some prickly plants so please wear good footwear, a hat, gloves, long socks and long pants and sleeves, camera. Moderate walking abilities. Note that bad weather may be cancelled.

Nature Yoga Walking

What you will do:

We will start Nature Yoga Walking with some warm up stretching exercises. Then learn simple Yogic Techniques using your breath, walking and mediation to Recharge, Invigorate, and Heal. We will have some quiet walks to unite with our senses of taste, smell and sight with nature around you to feel alive and connected with life, plants and wildlife.
There are many nature trails, forests, rivers, ponds and organic crops to enrich your nature experience. Give yourself a techy and crazy life break! Come back to mother earth’s richest bounty of peace and tranquility. Connect with with a therapeutic healthy natural way – Walking and the and healing inspirational effects of yoga. Walking is one of the easiest ways to be physically active. You can walk anywhere, any time and is inexpensive. Feel more energetic, feel good, reduce your stress, relax and feel happy! After our walk, we will have some tea, water and snacks sharing and enjoying our friends and experiences. Then have a closing circle to share and group hug goodbye. Have fun meeting new friends, creating valuable family or friends time, fun while enjoying fresh country air with nature around you with Nature Yoga Walking

Lucy’s Farm Zoo We Guarantee Lots of Fun and Laughter Therapy!  

Where you’ll take them

We will meet and walk at Healthy Earth’s Farm and Retreat. It is about one hour north of Toronto and 15 min south of Barrie. There are many nature trails, forests, wild flower fields, rivers, ponds, and wildlife where we will walk.

Families welcome. Mostly flat but some hills, so have light to moderate walking. No dogs or pets please because they disturb our senses and wildlife. Weather permitting or reschedule date or refund.

Lucy’s Farm Zoo ~ We Guarantee Lots of Fun, Smiles and Laughter Therapy!

  • 8440 County Rd 56, Utopia, ON, L0M 1T0 
  • Please contact: Lucy Bonjour 705-791-4930
  • Vera Del Vecchio 705-424-5249 cel: 416-368-0334
  • Meet our family of Horses, Miniature horses, Goats, Chickens, Bunnies, Ducks, Alpaca, Pot Belly Pig, Cats, Dogs, and Baby Animals and more!               
  • Excitement & Fun For: School trips; Birthday Parties; Events; Family Picnic; Pictures  

Rent a Chicken or Rabbit 

Do you want to try out an animal without a long term responsibility and can chicken out any time? No problem. Rent to enjoy the benefits without the worries! You may want to Rent Chickens to provide your family with your own fresh eggs! You may want to Rent a Rabbit for your children to play and learn about care taking? The Rabbits come with a cage and the chickens come with a portable chicken coop, food and water dishes, and info instructions. There is a guaranteed return to our farm if you chicken out anytime or If you want to adopt your rabbits or chickens! Eggs from your two chickens should lay 7-14 yummy organic eggs per week. How do you start? Just give us a call and we will set up a new home for your chickens or rabbits. Enjoy their unique cute personalities while you learn and reap their benefits! The real benefits of free-range eggs are in their nutritional value and is one of the best food sources for vitamin D: less cholesterol, less saturated fat, increased vitamins A, E and D, more omega-3 fatty acids, and more beta carotene. The cholesterol in organic eggs is considered “good” cholesterol that will not have the same detrimental health effects as “bad” cholesterol. Cholesterol is actually a very important part of your diet and helps you maintain calcium and phosphorous levels in our bloodstreams. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to our body’s day to day functions and help to prevent several chronic diseases.