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Healthy Earth Mission Statement: ~ www.healthyearth.ca

Healthy Earth’s goal is to spread the word about Natural Mother Nature’s Solutions. We are constantly researching and testing “Healthy Earth Approved” true eco- friendly natural non-toxic products and services for people, animals and the environment. Healthy Earth’s top priority is taking a pro active leadership role to make a difference for a cleaner and healthier planet to leave to our children.
Sharing in learning, teaching and education is a key factor to cultivate participation to undo the damage done to Mother Earth.

Healthy Earth Bokashi Bucket

This Composting Method solves the problems of composting without foul smells, flies, vermin, animal attraction, methane toxic gasses. You may even compost meats, fish and bones with all food waste. It uses a method of probiotic fermentation, using microbes to eat up bad bacteria instead of traditional composting through rotting, decay and infestation. Best of all, it creates organic rich soil in only 2-4 weeks compared to the traditional composting that takes up to one year! Produce grown in this soil has proven to be bigger, stronger, higher yields, disease resistant and more nutritious organic produce!

Healthy Earth EM Probiotic and Enzyme Probiotic – used in over 130 Countries over the past 30 years.

Healthy Earth is planting the seeds to allow Mother Nature to flourish for all life by cultivating safe chemical free healthy food, cleaning up our pollution of our water and environment, and providing hope and solutions for a beautiful, Healthy Earth to leave to our Children!

Healthy Earth offers “Healthy Earth Day” Eco Education for:
  • Composting, recycling, and reusing waste to work towards Zero Waste!
  • Water and soil revitalization and pollution clean up
  • Cultivate, demonstrate, and teach farming, and pollution cleanup methods for enhanced quality of all life on earth
  • Cultivate support programs for farmers and businesses
  • Cultivate support in community programs to encourage positive changes
Health improved and enhanced quality of life through:
  • Education, support in community cultivation, lifestyle tips
  • Encourage self healing through food, earth medicine, and recipes
  • Enhanced quality of life through Yoga, exercise and ancient teachings
Please Contact us if:
    • You would like to get involved as a Volunteer.
    • You would like to purchase or promote Healthy Earth products for your business.
    • You would like a “Healthy Earth Bokashi Composting Program” eco-learning presentation for your school, group or workplace.
    • You would like to join our Healthy Earth Team.
    • Be part of  “Healthy Earth Certification” Using organic EM Nature Farming Methods using beneficial EM Probiotics and Enzymes Probiotics that is non-toxic and beneficial and safe for all humans, animals and the environment.

Healthy Earth Certified Farming


      • Regular Farm on site hands on Healthy Earth Inspection and testing.
      • Absolutely No GMO and chemical pesticides or fertilizers.
      • Using organic EM Nature Farming Methods using beneficial EM Probiotics and Enzymes Probiotics that is non-toxic and beneficial and safe for all humans, animals and the environment.
      • All additions of manure, hay, green waste, compost treated with EM Probiotic or Enzyme Probiotic before adding to farm soils to ensure any unwanted contamination.
      • Use only organic seeds for planting. No GMO seeds.
      • Soil Testing for contamination control
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contact@healthyearth.ca 705-424-5249

Michael Smith (on the food channel) and I at the “Festival of Fields” Ontario, 2011

Founder Vera Del Vecchio

Healthy Earth

Healthy Earth started from Vera’s concern, passion and determination to be part of the change for enhanced quality of all life for a cleaner, healthier planet. After many trials and research she is bringing teachings, products, and workshops for positive changes that work in a probiotic way as a partner with Mother Nature towards reversing the damage to ourselves, animals, water, soils, and the environment.

Some of Vera’s gifts and interests include: a certified kundalini yoga teacher, yoga walking, life coach, writer, florist, environmentalist, amatour mycologist and herbalist. She has a passion for travel to discover appreciation for new lands, peoples, animal life, ancient teachings and eco-friendly treasures!

Healthy Earth has moved to Utopia! (about 1 hour north of Toronto)

We are about creating a world without pollution, waste, toxins and with peaceful utopian living. Vera is now able to follow her dream of creating the NEW Healthy Earth Utopia Farm! After we purchased the property we were delighted to learn that it was really called “Utopia’! Here, we are truly blessed with 62 beautiful acres with the Nottawasaga River running through the property with an apple orchard, spring fed pond, artesian well and forests full of nature trails and animals. The house is a geothermal, passive solar home with old barn wood beams,