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Healthy Earth Mission Statement: ~ www.healthyearth.ca

Healthy Earth started from Vera’s concern, passion and determination to be part of the change for enhanced quality of all life for a healthier planet. Our mission is to cultivate a “healthy earth” through products, teachings and information. Our products are non-toxic, biodegradable, probiotic and are safe for humans, animals, and the environment. What is life without peace, joy, happiness and therapy to keep you healthy? Healthy Earth believes that healthy real organic and especially wild       foods, yoga and animal therapy is a good solution to                                keep sunshine in your life! 

                                        Goal: Zero Waste & Pollution;                                                         Eliminate GMO & Toxic Chemicals;  Peace on Earth

Healthy Earth’s goal is to spread the word about Natural Mother Nature’s Solutions. We are constantly researching and testing “Healthy Earth Approved” true eco- friendly natural non-toxic products and services for people, animals and the environment. Healthy Earth’s top priority is taking a pro active leadership role to make a difference for a cleaner and healthier planet to leave to our children.
Sharing in learning, teaching and education is a key factor to cultivate participation to undo the damage done to Mother Earth.

www.healthyearth.ca  contact@healthyearth.ca 705-424-5249 cell 416-368-0334

Founder Vera Del VecchioHealthy Earth –         Healthy Earth started from Vera’s concern, passion and determination to be part of the change for enhanced quality of all life for a cleaner, healthier planet. After many trials and research she is bringing teachings, products, and workshops for positive changes that work in a probiotic way as a partner with Mother Nature towards reversing the damage to ourselves, animals, water, soils, and the environment. Some of Vera’s gifts and interests include: a certified kundalini yoga teacher, yoga walking, life coach, writer, florist, environmentalist, amateur mycologist and herbalist. She has a passion for travel to discover appreciation for new lands, peoples, animal life, ancient teachings and eco-friendly treasures!

Healthy Earth has moved to Utopia! Healthy Earth Farm and Retreat (about 1 hour north of Toronto) We are about creating a world without pollution, waste, toxins and with peaceful utopia living. Vera is now able to follow her dream of creating the NEW Healthy Earth Utopia Farm and Retreat to cultivate Utopia Living! After we purchased the property we were delighted to learn that it was really called “Utopia’! Here, we are truly blessed with 62 beautiful acres of a geothermal, passive solar home with old barn wood, indoor swimming pool, green house, and a vintage box car train cottage (Airbnb Super Host). Property runs through the Nottawasaga River, apple orchards, spring fed pond, artesian well and forests full of nature trails and animals.

Goat Yoga Dancing Therapy! We Guarantee Lots of Fun, Smiles and Laughter Therapy!

Please see class times, dates and register on Airbnb Experience $25 per person. Note that custom class can be arranged for your group or event. Held at Lucy’s Farm Zoo, 8440 County Rd 56, Utopia or Essa. 

Goats will make you forget all about your problems and make you laugh till you cry. They are naturally very cute, friendly, social, and curious. Experience Goat Yoga and laugh your heart out! Vera Del Vecchio is a Certified Yoga Instructor since 2006. When Vera did her yoga practice, Zoe her baby goat would come up and climb and snuggle beside her. It gave Vera such a sweet joy, calmness and laughter to experience such a closeness with a goat. Zoe brought such a gift of love and therapy that took her mind out of any problems and made Vera happy! With her experience, Vera wants to pass this therapy and laughter to others and share “Goat Yoga Dancing Therapy.” We hope that you too can come and share these special baby goats to play and bring laughter and joy in your heart!

What your guest will do

We will be doing our Goat Yoga class outside on the grass or in our  barn. Goat Yoga Dancing Therapy is very gentle and easy going for people of most ages (7yrs up) with no experience necessary. Just do what you can and listen to your body for what you cannot do. First of all the star of the class will be the goats! The goal of our Goat Yoga Therapy will be therapy for you to forget all your problems. Of course you cannot do a serious yoga with baby goats jumping and dancing all over. So just go with the flow and if a baby goat jumps on you, wants to snuggle or feed from you, just stop and play. There will be lots of opportunity for interaction and play time with our baby friendly goats. Baby goats (kids) are naturally very cute, friendly, social, and curious. Cherish the special time to laugh and let go! After class you will have lots of opportunity for pictures with our baby goats. There will be tea/water and snacks served. And a big group closing circle hug to say goodbye and bless our baby goats. Leave with a grateful feeling to make your day wonderful! Cherish this special time get to play, laugh and let go!

Where you’ll be

We will be doing our Goat Yoga Therapy class is at Lucy’s Farm Zoo weather permitting outside on the grass overlooking the field and animals or in a barn set up nice for events at 8440 County Rd 56, Utopia, ON, L0M 1T0 Note: This is a farm with washroom out house (nice & clean) and hand washing station Note: you may reserve Airbnb Experience Fun Camp Animal Therapy right after or Stay at Airbnb Wow Box Car Cottage minutes away – we are superhosts!

Fun Camp Animal Therapy – for all ages! schedule and reserve on Airbnb Experience ~ $25 per person – under 3 free – custom groups ok

What your guest will do

Lucy’s Farm Zoo – Fun Camp Animal Therapy gives you a Techy Holiday away from the craziness of the city and work! Meet our Horses, Miniature horses, Goats, Chickens, Bunnies, Ducks, Quails, Alpaca, Pot Belly Pig, Cats, Dogs, and Baby Animals and more! Discover Petting, snuggles and feeding up close experience with our special friendly farm animals. Meet the lady hens and collect farm fresh eggs. Play with the baby animals. Watch baby goats climb and play or have a snuggle or feed them. Animals can make you forget all about your problems and make you laugh. Our babies are naturally very cute, friendly, social, and curious. Walk and play with our animals. Bring food if you wish and lets create a Family Picnic! Many people are disconnected with nature and animals, spending most of their day on their phones and technology. Think of this experience as a “Fun Farm Zoo Day Camp.” This is your chance to form a meaningful connection with life in the country and get to discover a relationship with nature and these wonderful animals. Your special time to recharge, relax and revitalize your Body, Mind and Spirit. Meet New Friends, create a family or frends time, Feeding, Education, Excitement & Fun for Everyone!

Where you’ll go;
About one hour north of Toronto and about 15 minutes south of Lucy’s Farm Zoo – 8440 County Rd 56, Utopia, ON, L0M 1T0 .
Note – Ask about getting close to some animals that you may need to gently introduce to get know you or what kind of feed for them a certain way. You may get a little dirty. Safety first – open palm feeding.

Lucy’s Farm Zoo – Lucy and Nelson Bonjour has Joined Healthy Earth! Lucy and Nelson are farm neighbours and good friends. They just love animals! Over the years they took in rescue and other animals by providing a loving and caring home for them at their farm. They want to share their knowledge and love of their animals from their heart to yours for all ages to bring joy, adventure and therapy in your life. Experience petting and feeding up close with our special friendly farm animals. Meet the lady hens, collect farm fresh eggs or see the chicks. Play with the baby animals. We have baby goats to watch them climb, play, have a snuggle or feed them. The baby goats will make you forget all about your problems and make you laugh.  Babies are naturally very cute, friendly, social, and curious

Lucy’s Farm Zoo We Guarantee Lots of Fun, Smiles and Laughter Therapy!   Meet our family of Horses, Miniature horses, Goats, Chickens, Bunnies, Ducks, Alpaca, Pot Belly Pig, Cats, Dogs, and Baby Animals and more!               

Excitement & Fun For: School trips; Birthday Parties; Events; Family Picnic; Pictures – Reserve your Event Now! 

8440 County Rd 56, Utopia, ON, L0M 1T0

Please contact: Lucy Bonjour 705-791-4930  bonjour011@hotmail.com

Vera Del Vecchio 705-424-5249 cel: 416-368-0334 contact@healthyearth.ca

Lucy’s Farm Zoo Rent a Chicken or Rabbit

Do you want to try out an animal without a long term responsibility and can chicken out any time? No problem. Rent to enjoy the benefits without the worries!

You may want to Rent Chickens to provide your family with your own fresh eggs! You may want to Rent a Rabbit for your children to play and learn about care taking? The Rabbits come with a cage and the chickens come with a portable chicken coop, food and water dishes, and info instructions. There is a guaranteed return to our farm if you chicken out anytime or If you want to adopt your rabbits or chickens!

Eggs from your two chickens should lay 7-14 yummy organic eggs per week. How do you start? Just give us a call and we will set up a new home for your chickens or rabbits. Enjoy their unique cute personalities while you learn and reap their benefits! The real benefits of free-range eggs are in their nutritional value and is one of the best food sources for vitamin D: less cholesterol, less saturated fat, increased vitamins A, E and D, more omega-3 fatty acids, and more beta carotene. The cholesterol in organic eggs is considered “good” cholesterol that will not have the same detrimental health effects as “bad” cholesterol. Cholesterol is actually a very important part of our diet and helps us maintain calcium and phosphorous levels in our bloodstreams. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to our body’s day to day functions and help to prevent several chronic diseases.


$22 for 2kg bokashi mix * use with Bokashi Bucket Composting kit –                       $59 EACH OR 2 BUCKETS FOR $99                                                                                                       FREE SHIPPING OVER $100 IN MOST OF ONTARIO!

Easy-To-Use * Compost Starter * Odour Control * Soil Enricher * Out house for odour control and composting

Beneficial to Restore Health in Nature * Safe for Humans, Animals and the Planet

Uses: Composting for Household or Large scale use * Compost Pet Waste * Pet / Livestock Feed Probiotic Additive * Dog Runs * Portable & Waterless Compost Toilets * Soil Enrichment * Odour Control * Pest and Fly Control * Leaf and Plant Waste * Mulch Decomposition * Potting Soils * Garden and Agriculture Regeneration

For Composting Use with the Healthy Earth Bokashi Bucket            Bokashi Mix is a natural compost starter that turns your food waste into a goldmine of organic nutrient rich soil in only 2- 4 weeks. There are NO foul smells, flies, toxic gasses or animal attraction. You can even compost vegetables, fruits, bones, meat, and fish. This natural anaerobic process allows beneficial microbes to thrive while breaking down waste by fermentation, compared to conventional composting that breaks down by rotting and decay. Life is restored back into our sick starving soils by revitalizing soil, improving water and nutrient penetration, and bigger growth and yields in your plants. Ancient Japanese farmers passed down through the centuries the bokashi (meaning pickling) recipe by cultivating the power of these “Micro Heroes”.


Nature’s Gift of Sunshine Apricot Seeds -Vitamin B17                         Nature’s gift of sunshine in these apricot seeds contains the highest level of enzymes called Vitamin B 17. According to Dr. Griffin’s book “World Without Cancer”, it was discovered that cancer was a reaction to a missing nutrient of Vitamin B 17 in the diet. In cancer cells, Vitamin B 17 literally poisons malignant cells while nourishing all the rest. Vitamin B 17 also helps to lower blood pressure, and strengthen the arteries and heart. This superfood is high in nutrients, minerals, protein, antioxidants to boost energy,  and strengthen immunity.

 These apricot seeds are unique. They come from a part of Persia that has grown apricot trees that are naturally organic since ancient times. Since they are so ancient, they claim to be more potent in Vitamin B 17. You can tell that these are naturally organic seeds since they have different sizes and shapes like in nature. The seeds have a good flavour with the odd seed slightly bitter, and if you plant them, these seeds will grow. It is one of the healthiest super foods on earth. Savour and enjoy this food of the gods to keep sunshine in your life!

INGREDIENTS: Natural Organic Raw Apricot Seeds, Air Dried, Preservative-free and Non-irradiated  STORAGE: Apricot seeds will last for about 2 years in the fridge or freezer.   CONSUMPTION: Soak overnight in pure water to activate the enzymes and to digest more easily. Keep in the fridge. Chew well whole seeds, or grind seeds for use in drinks or to sprinkle on food. It is good to drink a lot of water, have some food in the stomach and to eat fruits such as apricots (fresh or dried), peaches, plums, nectarines, apples, pears, cherries. FOR PREVENTION: Eat up to ten seeds per day. Start with very few with a serving in the morning and one in the evening. FOR THOSE WHO HAVE CANCER: Eat 20-50 seeds through the day. Start with a few, then gradually increase the number of seeds eaten. Note: Seeds are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Product of Persia  ~  Packaged in Canada by www.healthyearth.ca                                                          NOTE: HEALTHY EARTH WAS GIVEN THIS PRECIOUS GIFT OF SUNSHINE APRICOT SEEDS B17 FROM A SPECIAL FRIEND, HAKIM, AND HIS FAMILY IN PERSIA TO SHARE WITH PEOPLE IN NEED OF RENEWED LIFE.        There is limited supply for these unique Apricot Seeds therefore it is not on our E-Store. PLEASE ORDER BY E-MAIL: contact@healthyearth.ca  for prices and availability.

Please Contact us if:
    • You would like to get involved as a Volunteer.
    • You would like to purchase or promote Healthy Earth products for your business.
    • You would like a “Healthy Earth Bokashi Composting Program” eco-learning presentation for your school, group or workplace.
    • You would like to join our Healthy Earth Team.
    • Be part of  “Healthy Earth Certification” Using organic EM Nature Farming Methods using beneficial EM Probiotics and Enzymes Probiotics that is non-toxic and beneficial and safe for all humans, animals and the environment.

Healthy Earth Certified Farming

      • Regular Farm on site hands on Healthy Earth Inspection and testing.
      • Absolutely No GMO and chemical pesticides or fertilizers.
      • Using organic EM Nature Farming Methods using beneficial EM Probiotics and Enzymes Probiotics that is non-toxic and beneficial and safe for all humans, animals and the environment.
      • All additions of manure, hay, green waste, compost treated with EM Probiotic or Enzyme Probiotic before adding to farm soils to ensure any unwanted contamination.
      • Use only organic seeds for planting. No GMO seeds.
      • Soil Testing for contamination control