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Mother Nature’s Solution

Healthy Earth specializes in eco-friendly probiotic, natural, non-toxic, healing solutions for Mother Nature to bring all living things on Earth back to health through products, teachings and information.

Eco-friendly solutions include; food waste composting, organic fertilizers, soil conditioners, odour control, water cleanup and revitalization, and improved and enhanced health for your home, pets, animals, industries, agriculture and the environment.

Healthy Earth is committed to eliminating harmful chemicals, fertilizers and genetically modified (GMO) product use and provides facts that these poisons are unnecessary and dangerous. Probiotic Microorganisms and Enzymes have been part of nature’s plan to naturally eat up toxins to renew and balance all living things since the beginning of time on earth. We have the ability and deserve the right to have the choice to provide safe, healthy food, water, and a toxic free environment for ourselves, our families, and all life.

We are committed to eliminating food waste from going into landfill and utilizing food waste for agriculture and gardens. In North America, our food waste is approximately 40-50% of our total waste. Conventional composting is only adding to our pollution problems with toxic methane gasses, foul smells, animal attraction, bugs, vermin, disease, uses up precious water and land, creates poor quality soil, is expensive and takes up to one year to compost into soil! Healthy Earth has proven solutions. We are working on composting, recycling, and reusing towards having Zero Waste!


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Educate yourself and discover Eco- Friendly info, articles, products, recipes and tips for you to create a healthy earth. Learn about healing ancient teachings and valuable tools with yoga, exercise, and food medicine. Look forward to the future to recharge, empower, and self heal your life and the world around you!

Some “Working with Mother Nature” Products:

Healthy Earth Bokashi Bucket:

This Composting System solves problems by fermentation instead of rotting, decomposition and decay. Change household organic waste into organic nutrient rich soil in 2-4 weeks, with NO foul smells, flies, or animal attraction, or toxic gasses! Compost: produce, bones, meat, poultry and fish! Works with Mother Nature to create healthy soil fast and easy that is ready to cultivate into organic produce. We are working towards a system for industry, condos, and homes to work together with farmers and agriculture.

EM Probiotic and Enzyme Probiotic Product Line:

For : Agriculture; Soil Revitalization; Gardens; Water Pollution Cleanup and Revitalization.
Probiotic Microorganisms and Enzymes eat up harmful microbes and is Mother Nature’s way to regenerate and balance ecological harmony by functioning as a natural antibiotic, antifungal, herbicide and insecticide creating a foundation that is beneficial to all life on earth to thrive. All products are totally non-toxic and are safe for humans, animals, and the environment.

Enzyme Probiotics

Products are all Scientifically and Clinically proven with back up Public Testing and Experiment Documentation.


For Agriculture; Gulf Courses; Gardens:

Improves water penetration & increases moisture retention. Develops and maintains micro-organism habitat, decreases plant stress during hot dry periods, increases availability of nutrients to plants. Benefits: Improves penetration and water retention; Aerates the soil; Increases microorganisms in soil; Improves root growth; Neutralizes the soil; Increases crop yield and Improves uniformity of crop


For: Sanitizer and Bacteria Control, Grease traps, Drains lines, Garbage Disposals, Waste Waters, Septic Systems, Odour control, Cleaning, Processing Plants

Eliminates odour causing conditions and gives excellent safe, gentle on the skin, cleaning agent properties. Promotes penetration and emulsification of oily or fatty substances to increase micro-organism activity.


For: Microbial Biodegradation / Bioremediation Aerobic; Bioremediation; Anaerobic Bioremediation; Microbial Growth

Low-cost treatment for: Mold contamination, hazardous-waste, contaminated soils and low contaminant concentration.


For: Road Construction; Paths; General Construction; High Rises; Ditch Canal Construction; Dust Abatement

NEWS! One of the world’s finest products for road stabilization. It’s a unique, soil-stabilizing product with the potential to significantly reduce your overall costs for road construction and maintenance.

Healthy Earth Yoga

“The original Yoga Mat” Sheepskin Mat!” For: Yoga Practice; babies; elderly; pets Area Rugs; bedding, wheelchairs and mobility vehicles; cars or motorcycle 100% Natural & Washable, Made in New Zealand. Sheep skin breathes naturally and is warm in winter and cool and in summer. They have been used all over the world for centuries for its many benefits: absorbs sweat; activates the blood circulation; gentle on your skin because it contains lanolin; dirt and bacteria resistant.

Some of Our Goals:

1. Eliminate all food waste and animal waste from going into landfill and to be used in agriculture as a fertilizer to grow organic healthy foods

2. “Healthy Earth Certified” ~ Cultivate EM and Enzyme Probiotics organic food and increasing yields, quality and fertility of soil

3. Pollution and water cleanup to restore health giving quality water

4. Eliminate toxic methane gasses from the environment and odour control

5. Eliminate toxic chemicals, non organic fertilizers and genetically modified products (GMO)

6. Provide tools for health improvement and quality of life through nutrient rich foods, natural care and self healing

Mother Nature and all living things are reaching the point of destruction on Earth. We must take action NOW towards the path of recovery for a Healthy Earth to leave for our children!