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Zero Waste & Pollution; Eliminate GMO & Toxic Chemicals;  Peace & Health on Earth!

Healthy Earth is about creating an “almost” perfect Utopia. It would be a world where toxic chemicals and genetically modified foods would be replaced by “Micro Heroes.” And most of all, Therapy to enjoy and play, keeping your heart carefree and full of love for yourself and life!

Micro Heroes come from natural fermented materials that have been around to clean up and revitalize the world since the beginning of time. These are the good guys of the microbial world that eat up the bad microbial guys. Not the antibacterial products that man invented that kills all the good and bad microbial guys. Micro Heroes are found in foods such as yogurt, wine, beer, cheese, sauerkraut, vinegar, kim chi…or as in our own gut to create a healthy body flora. We are about teaching you how to work towards creating a healthy earth for everyone’s benefit. Creating a healthy earth for the people, the animals, the fish, the land, and for the future of our children. 

Healthy Earth Micro Heroes Probiotics:

Micro Heroes are an eco-friendly probiotic that are natural, non-toxic, healing solutions to bring all living things on earth back to health. Good for food waste composting, organic fertilizers, soil conditioners, odour control, water cleanup and revitalization, for improved and enhanced health for your home, pets, animals, industries, agriculture and the environment.

Healthy Earth Therapy!

  • Animal Therapy and Nature Therapy
  • Airbnb Experience: Lucy’s Farm Zoo * Goat Yoga Dancing Therapy * Fun Camp Animal Therapy * Wild Walk * Nature Yoga Walking 
  • Airbnb Home Rental – Wow Utopian Box Car Cottage
  • Yoga Sessions and Yoga Retreats
  • Healthy Earth * Retreats * Events * workshops * Projects
  • Farm Harvests and Opportunities 

Wanna Be A Farmer ~ Builder ~ Projects – Job Fair Creation, Support and Empowerment for men and especially women into Healthy Earth Farming, Healthy Earth Building, and Green Technology.

Healthy Earth Utopia Farm & Retreat     

We moved to Utopia in 2013 (about 1 hour north of Toronto)!  We are about creating a world without pollution, waste, toxins and with peaceful utopian living. Vera is now able to follow her dream of creating the Healthy Earth Utopia Farm and Retreat! After we purchased the property we were delighted to learn that it was really called “Utopia’! Here, we are truly blessed with 62 beautiful acres with the Nottawasaga River running through the property with an apple orchard, spring fed pond, artesian well and forests full of nature trails and animals. The house is a geothermal, passive solar home with old barn wood beams, indoor swimming pool, greenhouse, and a railway boxcar cottage.

About Vera Del Vecchio founder of Healthy Earth

Healthy Earth started from Vera’s concern, passion and determination to be part of the change for enhanced quality of all life for a cleaner, healthier planet. After many trials and research she is bringing teachings, products, and workshops for positive changes that work in a probiotic way as a partner with Mother Nature towards reversing the damage to ourselves, animals, water, soils, and the environment. Some of Vera’s gifts and interests include: a certified kundalini yoga teacher, yoga walking, life coach, writer, florist, environmentalist, amateur mycologist and herbalist. She has a passion for travel to discover appreciation for new lands, peoples, animal life, ancient teachings and eco-friendly treasures. Vera has a home with her husband John at Healthy Earth Farm and Retreat. We are Toronto City folk turned into Country folk!

About Lucy Bonjour ~ Lucy’s Farm Zoo 

Lucy has partnered with Vera and Healthy Earth to create Lucy’s Farm Zoo Animal Sanctuary in 2018. Lucy and her Husband Nelson has lived on their farm since 1990. Lucy and Nelson have such a gift with animals providing a loving and caring home for rescue and many animals.  We want to share the love, passion and therapy to enhance the healing nature of animals into people’s lives!

Contact and Map

Lucy’s Farm Zoo: Different Location:
8440 County Road 56, Utopia, Ontario, L0M 1T0



Healthy Earth ~ Utopia Farm and Retreat
5996 County Road 21, Utopia, Ontario, L0M 1T0

NOTE: Google Maps know County Road 21 as : Simcoe county Rd 21, or Murphy Rd = all the same road – about 10 minutes south of Barrie and about 1 hour north of Toronto.