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Mother Nature’s Solution

Healthy Earth Utopia Farm and Retreat, about 1 hour N or Toronto, is about creating a world without pollution, waste, toxins with peaceful utopia living to cultivate.  We are truly blessed with 62 beautiful acres of a geo thermal passive solar home with huge old barn wood beams, indoor chemical free swimming pool and hot tub spa, attached green house with. Property runs through the Notawassaga River, apple orchards, spring fed pond and forests full of nature trails and animals.

Healthy Earth specializes in eco-friendly probiotic micro heroes, that are natural, non-toxic, healing solutions for Mother Nature to bring all living things on Earth back to health through products, health teachings and information.

Eco-friendly solutions include; food waste composting, organic fertilizers, soil conditioners, odour control, water cleanup and revitalization, and improved and enhanced health for your home, pets, animals, industries, agriculture and the environment.

Mission – Healthy Earth is committed to eliminating harmful chemicals, fertilizers and genetically modified (GMO) product use and provides facts that these poisons are unnecessary and dangerous. Probiotic Micro Heroes  have been part of nature’s plan to naturally eat up toxins to renew and balance all living things since the beginning of time on earth. We have the ability and deserve the right to have the choice to provide safe, healthy food, water, and a toxic free environment for ourselves, our families, and all life. We are working on composting, recycling, and reusing towards having Zero Waste!

Healthy Earth Bokashi Bucket:

This Composting System solves problems by fermentation instead of rotting, decomposition and decay. Change household organic waste into organic nutrient rich soil in 2-4 weeks, with NO foul smells, flies, or animal attraction, or toxic gasses! Compost: produce, bones, meat, poultry and fish! Works with Mother Nature to create healthy soil fast and easy that is ready to cultivate into organic produce.

Microhero Probiotic                                                                                                                                                  For : Agriculture; Soil Revitalization; Gardens; Water Pollution Cleanup and Revitalization.
Probiotic Microorganisms and Enzymes eat up harmful microbes and is Mother Nature’s way to regenerate and balance ecological harmony by functioning as a natural antibiotic, antifungal, herbicide and insecticide creating a foundation that is beneficial to all life on earth to thrive. All products are totally non-toxic and are safe for humans, animals, and the environment.
Some of Our Goals:

1. Eliminate all food waste and animal waste from going into landfill and to be used in agriculture as a fertilizer to grow organic healthy foods

2. “Healthy Earth Certified” ~ Cultivate Micro Heroes to cultivate and grow organic food by increasing yields, quality therefore bringing life and fertility back to soil

3. Pollution and water cleanup to restore health and life giving quality water

4. Eliminate toxic methane gasses from the environment and odour control

5. Eliminate toxic chemicals, toxic fertilizers and genetically modified products (GMO)

6. Provide tools for health improvement and quality of life through nutrient rich foods, natural care and self healing

Mother Nature and all living things are reaching the point of destruction on Earth. We must take action NOW towards the path of recovery for a Healthy Earth to leave for our children!

Unique Vintage CN Box Car Train Cottage
Boxcar History: Our Canadian Pacific Boxcar Train century old, is one of a few that 2 bedroom Vintage Boxcar Cottage located on Healthy Earth, Utopia Farm and Retreat, Utopia, Ontario, 1 hour N from Toronto! Totally relax and feel peace in nature with healthy air, water, farm grown food, rivers, spring fed pond, hot tub, infar red sauna, massage chair and indoor natural pool on 62 acres of trails, and forests with wildlife. Chemical free retreat. Relax while overlooking beautiful gardens, gazebos, spring fed ponds, fish pond, rivers, nature trails, etc.

HEALTHY EARTH SPA – CHEMICAL FREE INDOOR POOL AND HOT TUB! WE USE FRIENDLY MICRO HEROES TO EAT UP ANY BAD BACTERIA. No more red eyes, damaged hair and skin rashes from the harsh chemicals in chlorine, bromine or salt water that turns to chlorine!

APRICOT SEEDS – VITAMIN B17 Healthy Earth                                                ~ Nature’s Gift of Sunshine – These apricot seeds contain Vitamin B17, which is a key ingredient, according to Dr. Griffin’s book “A World Without Cancer” claiming cancer is simply a vitamin deficiency.

Wild Walk! Discover ~ Identify ~ Cook ~ Feast!                                           Wild foods are the best organic food available! Discover wild treasures of plants, berries, and mushrooms to find, pick and learn about their medicinal values. Then we will learn how to harvest, clean and cook up a feast of a wonderful dinner to savour your nature’s bounty!

Cooking Lessons – Get Cultivated with Fermented foods such as Kambucha, Vinegar, Yogurt and the best organic foods such as wild foods.

Yoga Sessions: Taught by Guru Darbar (Vera) Kundalini Yoga to inspire, recharge and light up your life. Cultivate the warrior and healer in you to become the best you can be to face the world with joy and zest in your life! Practise in calm, peaceful natural setting in Utopia.